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CryoFX® is the Leader of CO2 Special Effects Smoke Products.

CryoFX® secures its E-Commerce website; and guarantees its customers with the latest in (SSL layer) in website security and monitoring system. Millions of websites experience attacks and breaches daily. Thus, putting customer information at risk.

At CryoFX® our customers security and privacy are our top priority.  We recently secured our site with Sitelock, an award winning global leader in website security; with over 5 million websites protected.

CryoFX® Website Security – As Secure As Ebay or Amazon

Our Website is built on the same technology that Ebay uses for their Ecommerce platform called Magento and we provide the same layer of security that Amazon and Ebay provide,  large companies such as these do millions of secure purchases online everyday without security being an issue because they monitor their website with the same technology that recently upgraded to.

What’s more, you can trust CryoFX® to protect your privacy. Also, we will keep your personal information safe and secure with our latest technology monitoring system, SiteLock.  The technology makes us compliant with Google and also with other companies that ensure and certify customer privacy and security.

 CryoFX is 100 Secure behind a secure firewall

CryoFX® Customers Privacy and Security at the Top Priority

Additionally, CryoFX® SiteLock secures our website from the inside and out. This way, our customers can shop at our website with peace of mind; knowing that their personal information is private and 100 percent secure. Shop with confidence knowing that our Website is secure 24 hours a day; seven days a week for your security and peace of mind.

Furthermore, we monitor our Website and Webstore every day for; viruses, malware, trojans or spying software. Also, we protect the website from the inside by a live 24 hour monitoring system. This ensures all transactions and purchases are secure and private. Therefore, no information gets compromised.

We Monitor ALL Traffic 24 hours and the Site sits behind a Secure Firewall

SiteLock Monitors CryoFX 24 hours a day

Also, Our CryoFX® website sits behind a secure Trueshield Web Application Firewall (WAF). Thus, ensuring that only customers visiting our site can access it. In additoin, the website locks access to malicious Bots; Viruses and Malware; or attacks from outside that may come to our website.  This 24 hour monitoring of the CryoFX® Web Store ensures that our customers privacy and security are always 100% secure.

If you visit us at you will notice the TrueShield Badge displayed on the home page of our website and through out the store to remind you that we are monitored and tested everyday for malicious spying software that may be compromising our customers information or privacy. Our experts monitor the website twenty four hours a day. The system locks out any suspicious activity from anywhere in the world.

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