CryoFX® helps in the filming and the recording of Nicky Romero vs. Krewella "Legacy" Music Video Production

Escapade Music Festival use Co2 cannon to Create their own special stage effects using cryogenics

Cryogenic Special Effects Are The New It Thing

Cryo FX is a leading company in the cryogenics special effects industry. Their services have been used in numerous music videos and movie productions. The use of cryo special effects are very popular and continue to gain more popularity. You can see the theatrical smoke special effects in Nicky Romero vs Krowella's music video "Legacy". Cryo special effects uses liquid co2 to create beautiful smoke effects. The plumes of smoke in the video is just one of the cool special effects that can be created with cryogenics. With the use of different stage equipment, Cryo Fx lets you achieve a plethora of theatrical smoke.

Cryogenics used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryos used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryogenics used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryos used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryogenics for Films and Video Production

For those in the film production industry, Cryo FX is the top of the line choice for special effect equipment. They have CO2 guns, jets, and provide awesome ideas for the next smoky scene in your movie. The use of Co2 guns for your shooting scenes provide real looking gun action. If you are shooting a music video, smoke special effects may make your finished production look way better than you could have imagined. The smoke creates a dangerous but calming feeling. Great for r&b and rock videos.

In the video "Legacy", Cryo FX uses massive amounts of co2 to create clouds of smoke, really making the video look way more expensive then it really was. The led lights used in conjunction is just one more creative look that can be created with co2 special effects. This was a crucial part in the production of this video and many other productions.

Cryogenics used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryos used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Cryogenics used for Party and Theatrical Special Effects and Video Production

Quality and Affordable Theatrical Smoke Effects & Equipment from CryoFX

CryoFX theatrical smoke effects and equipment can be very inexpensive. The co2 gas and guns are very reasonably priced and can be found anywhere. The high quality co2 guns provided by Cryo fx companies are competitively priced. They are safe to use and do not require a license to operate. Co2 is cheaper then pyrogenic special effects and they are much safer and user friendly . As long as there is adequate ventilation, smoke will not trigger any smoke alarm you may have in the building. After a few seconds of generating the gas, it will disappear.

The colorful jets create awesome colorful smoke for theatrical purposes. Anyone can create stunning, vibrant, colorful plumes of smoke for any occasion. Great for dj's and artist who want to upgrade and instantly enhance their stage performance. The crowd will almost automatically cheer when you walk out of the smoke.

Cryogenics special effects are the latest craze. People are using smoke effects for parties and events. You can see the use of these effects in the beginning of professional sports games. NFL teams love to bring their players out of the tunnel running through the smoke. NBA teams use the smoke during halftime performances with the dance team and also while introducing the starting lineups before the game. The fans love this and so do the owners because it creates a wonderful effect, it held motivate the athletes and its not expensive. The NCAA uses cryo special effects a lot. Throughout the entire football season, you can see your favorite powerhouse or alma mater get hype rushing through the thick billows of smoke.


Theatrical Cryogenics Equipment are Safe

Theatrical smoke special effects stage equipment are so safe that high schools are even using them. They are being used at proms and homecoming events all across the nation. The totally safe gas is fun and the students love it. It just does such a great job at creating a party environment. Corporate companies are using Cryo FX equipment in the office during events thrown for celebrations or just to raise worker moral.

Its just something about walking through the smoke. It makes you feel like a super hero, here to save the day. It also gives the same image to your audience, whomever they may be. You can play in the smoke without the risk of injury. Use the smoke for a creepy effect on your house during Halloween. The special effects can be used in haunted houses or just for festive decorations at your home or business. Every thing is better with smoke.

Our Equipment are Weather Resistant

Also, Cryo FX Co2 stage equipment are able to survive in any weather. Made to sustain sub-zero temperatures, you can get the perfect shot in any condition. All the equipment manufactured for Cryo FX is made for durability and long term use. However, if you cannot find the exact piece of equipment you want, or if it does not exist yet, Cryo FX can manufacture it. Made right here in San Diego, California, Cryo FX is the leading cryogenic special effects dealer in the industry making party guns, co2 guns, Cryo jets, co2 Bazookas and Cryo Blasters.

Finally, create beautiful visual effects for your movies, music videos, or any party, event , or stage performance. People always love smoke as long as there is no fire. The co2 is safe and fun to use. The San Diego based company takes pride in having the best special effects equipment in the highly competitive industry.