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Does CryoFX® Deliver Co2 Tanks

Does CryoFX Deliver Co2 Tanks?

The answer is yes, we do deliver co2 tanks. However, there’s some information that you need to know regarding that question.

Categories of Our Tank Services

This generally falls into two categories, which are your residence and your business.  The business deliveries will be larger steel CO2 tanks. Almost any steel tank that you have on a freight truck freight must be delivered to a business. Also, we always deliver the CO2 in the tanks to the client. The truck must have access to that business.

Additionally, for residents and for residential deliveries, if it is aluminum tanks like twenty pounds, ten pounds, five pounds, almost any aluminum tank that’s empty can be delivered to a residence. However, if the aluminum tank is full on purchase or on rental, we will ship the truck freight hazard material and that will go to a business. We hope this includes all the vital information so that you can make the right decision on where you need to have your tanks delivered to.

Please let us know what delivery you have, how many tanks, what you’re using them for and more importantly what type of tanks. We would like to know whether it is CO2 siphon or not and of course any other gas. This is CryoFX, thanks for watching.

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At CryoFX, we are  offer affordable and quality Co2 tanks and Co2 cannons. Reach out to our expert team today for additional details about the tanks, cannons, and other special effects products. Also, using tanks and introducing special effects at your events can significantly increase the excitement level at the occasion. Call us now to get an accurate quote. We have tanks and cannons available now for you. A wonderful experience awaits you!