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How Do I Know How Much Co2 Is Left In My Co2 Tank [CryoFX®]

How Much Co2 Is Left In My Co2 Tank?

At times, you may need to know how much Co2 that is in your Co2 tank. Well, you can do this at home which is to find out for yourself. How do you do that? There’s a marking on the top of every tank or should be that says TW, “Tare Weight” or “Tear Weight”, it’s the same thing. We’ll say tare weight for the video. Tare Weight and then a number. That number is normally in pounds, 50-pound tanks. Let’s say 126.5, TW 126.5. I’m just giving an example.

Co2 Tank and Tare Weight

Every tank has its own Tare Weight. I could tell you that a 50-pound aluminum tank is going to weigh about 49 pounds. You put 50 pounds of Co2 in it. Now it was 99 pounds. Those tanks are generally made to spec. However, the steel cylinders are all over the board.

Also, you have tanks that weigh, we have some tanks in the house right now that are 126.5. We have other ones that are 137. Some of them are 160 something. So they weigh over 200 pounds with the Co2 in them. We could tell you easily, feel the tank how heavy it is.

However, like in that last example that I gave, what if you felt the 50-pound tank steel that was 126. Then you picked up the Co2 tank that was 160 already 654. Those numbers that are 40 more pounds heavier, you would assume that that tank is full when it’s not.

What’s more, just an example, look at the tare weight and take that Co2 tank. Put it on a scale. If you put it on a scale, whatever the full amount that’s on the scale, or the full number, or total weight that’s on the scale, minus what’s on the tare weight stamp on the tank. That should be how much Co2 you have left in the tank.

How to Calculate Co2?

There’re other ways to calculate Co2. There’re products out there that show that you can every blast takes a couple of seconds away or other things like that. Those are great. They work in theory, but they’re not even.

However, weighing a tank is always the most accurate way. That’s how the Co2 tank is filled. Therefore, you get the most knowledge and the most certainty out of how much co2 is in your Co2 tank. You can do this. Just do it safely. And always make sure the cap is on the tank. This is CryoFX. Thanks for watching!