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How An Electric Confetti Cannon Works (Electric Confetti Launcher, Electric Confetti Machine) CryoFX

How an Electric Confetti Cannon Works

Hey guys. Welcome to the CryoFX website, and today’s article is going to be on how an electric confetti cannon works. This equipment is also known as an electric confetti launcher.

Introduction to Confetti Cannons

Furthermore, there are two different types of confetti launchers or confetti blasters. There is the continuous flow confetti blasters or continuous flow confetti machine. Also, there is the electric confetti cannon.

Be sure to check our website regularly as we cover a lot of important information. Without further ado, let’s jump right in. As you could tell, the set is set up here for electric confetti cannons. And you might be wondering what the different cannons are and why they look different.


Well, in all actuality they’re relatively the same. Some of them have different features, some of them have different cues or number of cues. If you’re asking what is a cue, well, let’s answer that question for you right now.

A cue is when you’re going to be cuing up the confetti cannon so one, two, three, four. This would be called a four cue or four shot confetti cannon, electric confetti cannon. You have other ones on my left, your right, you have a two shot. You see one, two also called a two cue, and then you have the single cue or single shot electric confetti launcher. These are relatively the same. The manufacturer is generally the same, they all come from the same place.

However, this one over to my right, your left, this is a four cue as well. This one just has different features. Now, there are a couple of different ones also further than what we have on the set here. Those ones are not on the set like I just said, some of them handheld ones. We’ll have another video on that later. Others they look a little bit different, and may function a little bit different. They may also offer some other features that these don’t.

Our Scope of Interest

What we’re going to do in this video is we’re going to cover actually how it works. How an electric confetti cannon works in detail; from the confetti stick inside to why they’re called electric to the operation of the machine itself.

We obviously sell the machines, we use the machines, and we rent the machine. So, we’re going to be doing you justice and providing those details here. This is so that if you want to rent them from us, or you want to know about them, you’re covered in this video. Now, jumping in, what we’re going to do is we’re going to use this as our main, I guess, piece to this video.

This is a four cue or four shot confetti launcher. This is what we call our inline confetti launcher, electric confetti launcher. This one is a side by side, you have two cues on each side, just a little bit smaller footprint.

How Many Shots Do You Need?

This one generally operates the same as these two, your dual or your two shot and your single shot. You just have fewer shots, why would you want a four shot over a two or a single shot? Well, first and foremost, one electric confetti cannon can actually do what two of these two shots can do. Four of these single shots can do so without renting four machines, you can rent one.

The only downside is that you have everything all in one machine. So, maybe you wanted confetti coming two from here and two from here, two from the right two from the left, well, you can’t do that with this machine because they’re all on the same machine.

How Cues Work

Therefore, this would be your centerpiece if you only wanted four. Now, how this works, and we’ll get into the details later. In general, how these work is when you set your DMX channel to channel one. Well, what’s going to happen is the channel on your DMX controller channels one, two three and four are going to fire these.

So, channel one, channel two, channel three, channel four. Now, it actually is reversed because of the way I’m looking at the electric confetti cannon here. But you get the point, one channel fires one cue, one time.  That’s how these work, so what ends up happening is you load everything up, and you mount it on your trust. We’re going to show you about that in just a minute, and then what happens is you sit there and wait for when your event happens.

When you’re ready to launch the cue, well then you launch what you need to launch off of your confetti machine, and it’s a single shot one time.

Disposing of Tubes

When you’re done with that shot at the end of the event that you’re doing, you go ahead, and you take the machine down, you take these tubes out of it. We’re going to get into those tubes in a second, and then you just throw them away it’s as simple as that.

Confetti Tube Options

Everything’s preloaded, the confetti will come preloaded in the tubes. You can pick between paper Mylar streamers, biodegradable neon, glow in the dark, there’s a ton of them that you can choose from.  You could even load them on your own yourself. We don’t recommend it, but if you really wanted to do that, that is an option we have had some customers do.

How to Operate the Electric Confetti Machine

Get the Electric Confetti Cannon

So, how this works is this, first, you will go ahead, and you’ll rent the electric confetti cannon, or you purchase the machine. Then you mount the machine where it’s going to go, okay. Now, when you mount it, you want to make sure that you have enough cables that you’re going to be able to hook it up to the correct control.

Why We Advise Against Wireless DMX

This is regardless of whether you’re using wireless DMX which we do not recommend and the reason for this is if this machine gets any false DMX signals at all what’s going to happen is it will fire these. These would mean that you’re going to have a mess to clean up before your event even started. This is probably not a good idea. Been there, done that. So, what I’m saying here is this; go ahead, mount the machine.

Connecting The Cords

You’re going to grab your power cord, you’ll take the power cord, and you’re going to go ahead and plug that into the machine okay. Once the power cord is plugged in, you go ahead, and you take your DMX cords, now certain machines have a power con in and a power con out. So, you can daisy-chain these machines.

This electric confetti cannon here does not, it only has a power con blue which is the power in this machine which is a single shot has. Both this machine which is a quad shot or a four shot also has both. This machine does not have a power con. This has an IEC connector, so you could see here that the machines differ just a little bit like I said they would earlier. They all have DMX in and DMX out, as with standard machines that do. Now, the other difference is this.

This machine is very rudimentary, okay? These actually have an lCD panel on it that is somewhat smart, okay, probably a little bit smarter than we are. Just kidding, this one actually just does DMX. This one has different programming that can be available.

DMX Varieties

There are different options, regarding DMX. Some of these, depending on these or other ones that aren’t in this video, they can allow you to preset the machine where channel one and channel two. You would have a situation in which channel one fires these two and channel two fires these other ones.

DMX Functions

They have different functions, some of it has different types of language settings, different power settings too.

I’ve seen those before, also just different functions we’re not going to name them all here because they do vary across the board. However, in all actuality, the operation is the same and that’s the purpose of this video.

Getting the DMX Connected

Continuing forward, grab your DMX cables, you go ahead plug the DMX cables in to the DMX port is what we’re going to do right now. So, DMX cables plugged in, power cables plugged in, I have a power switch back here that I’m going to go ahead and plug this power in.

Now it’s plugged in so if you want to see what I’m doing, well, the camera’s not back here, so I’m sorry you can’t see what I’m doing, it’s a secret. I’m just kidding, but what I’m not kidding about is this. You definitely want to hook power and DMX up before you do anything else.

Why You Should Always Do Your Power and DMX Connections First

The reason for this is this that if you were to take your canisters and put them in your electric confetti cannon, which we’re going to get to in a minute, what would end up happening is you would plug those in, and then you’re going to go and plug your power in.

This is exactly what not to do. You’d plug your power, and then you plug your DMX in, and then it would send a false signal to the machine. Moreover, it would blast out the confetti all over the place before you actually wanted to. That would be a problem, and it would happen either way so just to be safe, and what I mean either way is whether you plug power in first or DMX, so just to avoid any of that you see how confusing it is.

Plug everything in, get the machine up and running and then plug your tubes in and what I mean by that we’re going to get to that in a minute. So, you take your DMX and you finish forward. Plug the DMX in to your DMX controller. Now what we’re using here is a Chauvet OB40, these are just simple DMX controllers.

DMX Channels

This is very rudimentary, very simple, they have eight different channels across the front, we also use Chaveo Bay threes. However, a three would not work for this because one of the cues or one of the shots would be left off. So, I’m going to get to some other things in a minute here that actually will show you different creative ways to use these and actually mix some things up.

This is because you probably just think one, two, three, four, shooting one, two, three, four, or two and two or all four together. Well, you can actually fill these tubes with different types of confetti and streamers and mix them, and it looks good.

Turning On The Electric Confetti Cannon Machine

So, now yes, I’m jumping all over, but we have a point to this. Therefore, DMX is hooked up, power’s hooked up. I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to cycle the electric confetti cannon on. The machine takes a minute, it’ll actually show that it’s warming up. What we’ll do in a minute here is we’re going to pop a video on the screen and actually go through the lCD setup and the different functions for this machine, maybe we should do that now don’t you think?

Okay, ready five, four, three, two, so you turn the machine on obviously the machine is going to warm up here. You’ll see that bar at the bottom kind of going across and letting you know that it’s warming up, and then it goes to what DMX channel the machine is set to.

What the DMX Lights Mean

If you notice this DMX light is lit up right here, there’s no air light which is a red light below the air light would light up. And then if there are any errors for whatever reason there’s multitude errors we’re not going to cover errors here because we don’t like errors. However, this lets you know that it is getting DMX. If I unplug the DMX cord you’ll see that that light goes out which means there’s no DMX.

I plug the DMX cord back in, that lets you know that the electric confetti cannon is getting DMX okay, so we’re going to go through the lCD display. As you can see lCD we turn the machine on, the machine will take about one or two seconds before it powers on. You can see the bar slowly loading up, letting you know that the machine is being prepped and turning on.

Setting DMX Addresses

Once that gets to full, what we’re going to do is show you the different functions. It will automatically go to the last DMX address set which is zero zero one right here, so you have an escape down up and enter. Escape normally goes back, enter goes into any sub menu and of course down and up you already know what that means. Errors, we talked about errors. Errors, just discussed if there are errors with the machine, perhaps DMX anything like that DMX is not plugged into this right now because this DMX light is not lit.

So, we’ll press enter, you go in the menu, and we’ll cycle down. You have your setup manual display factory and of course return just returns back. Enter again, we don’t want to return, so we’re going to go to set up the sub menu is set up DMX address. If you press enter again, this light’s green, and you can go ahead and change your DMX address. Enter again sets it, or you can escape, and it will go back.

What is The ID Number?

ID number is the ID number of the machine, so this is machine number one, then you have your wireless yes or no. This one’s set to no, some of these machines do come with a wireless receiver so if you have a wireless transmitter or a remote you can activate it wirelessly. I leave it set to no, enter interval, this is going to be the interval for the DMX address. If machine one is set to one, if this machine is on 10.

That’s going to block off 10 DMX sections or send 10 DMX settings until the next machine is on. That is just the interval, some of these machines actually have an interval which allows time so 10 seconds of interval time that the firing will be on. This one can be set there really so let’s go down here and so a hundred so most likely this is for timing, we go back and of course return, so return goes back to the other menu then manual.

More on Panel Settings

This is the manual setting channel 11. The interval was actually the channels, the reason being its manual setting. Channel 10 is going to block off 10, and then you have channel 11 channel 12 channel 13 channel 14. Hence, the interval on this particular electric confetti cannon from this manufacturer is not the timing, this is actually the channel as relevant with what we see here.

Then you go to display language, reverse screen. Different options here, we don’t need to go through everything and then of course you have your factory you don’t want to mess with the factory. That might mess your machine up, return back to DMX setting. So, now that you know how the functionality and the different settings for the panel if you will the lCD panel work on this machine, now we’re going to get into the basics of the electric confetti cannon here and actually, how the machine works.

Operating The Tubes

And then, these tubes. You’re probably wondering exactly how the tubes work. We will cover that too.  What’s going to happen is on the DMX controller, one, two, three, four that’s going to fire this. Now, how you can do this?

You can either fire two at one time, so these two would fire right here and then the other two. Or you can do the two outside ones, the two inside ones, or you can do one, two, three, four regardless. You can be the creator of your destiny with the electric confetti cannon. That’s what this video is about, so how you’re going to do that is you take into consideration how many shots of confetti you want.

Then we’ll pop a video on the screen here that shows you how we use this with streamers and confetti. Some of our clients that have used these before, and we’ve set these up we’ve had it red-white, red-white or red-red, white-white.

Making Unique Patterns with Confetti

What we’ve done is confetti on the outside, streamers on the inside. So, you can kind of be creative here and really get what you want. You can blast all of it at the same time. All four cues at the same time, that gives you confetti and streamers at the same time.

If you don’t, and you just have streamers on the outside, you shoot off the outside too. You just have the streamers. The inside too is just confetti, maybe you want the streamers five seconds before the confetti, you’re able to do that. Possibly you want them five seconds after, okay, Chris, I get the point, just want to beat a dead horse here because the creation is almost limitless when you’re using this. The only part that is limiting these are not continuous flow confetti cannons, okay?

Do Tube Lengths Matter for Electric Confetti Cannon?

Tube lengths are different. You get one shot and that’s it. You don’t want your guy getting up rigging more of these tubes in the machine here during your show. That just doesn’t look appropriate, my tech guys out there, you know exactly what I’m talking about. So, how this works is this, you have these tubes. These are the tubes here now this is a two-foot tube or a 23-24 inch.

Some companies have 23 some have 24. Regardless, they’re relatively the same. There’s three generally, three sizes okay? I don’t have all three sizes here. We actually cut one to show you a demo, but you would have your 12 inch which is about up to here. So, bottom hand up to here you would just be missing this top half, your 18 inch which would come to about right here. And then of course your 18, 19 inches and then your 23 or 24 inches.

The longer the tube, the farther the throw and the farther confetti or streamers go. Conversely, the shorter the tube, the smaller the event, smaller the ceiling height, the smaller and shorter throw you would get.  So, this is what your 12 inch would look like. The 12 inch would be used for your indoor shows, your small shows four to 500 people events and that would be great for that.

Okay, then you have your 18, 19 inches which we do not have here. Like I said, that would come up to about right here. So, bottom up to here, that would be for your medium or larger size shows. And then of course your 23 to 24 inches. This would shoot about 50 to 100 feet.

How Air Affects Your Confetti Show

Again, all of this is relative to the air and the angle. What do I mean by air? Your wind if it’s outside and going into the wind, against the wind, sideways to the wind, all of this matters okay? so, these are good pointers to take into consideration when you’re setting this up.

Now, if it’s inside, you want an angle. You’re probably going to want an angle like this, okay? Because you want it to go out up and down. If you’re doing an angle like this, I hope to God nobody’s face is right in front of that because that’s an insurance claim. Okay, I’m kidding. But seriously though, you can mount these machines up on truss, you can mount them on the top. We’ll pop some video and photos on here and show you some of our mounting and some of what we’ve done.

I believe Mary Kay was one of the clients on these that had a ton of them all over the place in different sections from the back forward. So, they got confetti everywhere all over the crowd from the front to the back using these machines, it was great. Getting into the details here, while I have this machine like this, so you’ll take your tube, and we’re going to talk about how to mount the tube on the machine.

How to Know if Your DMX Connections are Working Properly

Again, already considering your DMX and your power are connected okay and your DMX controller is on, but the channels are down, there’s no DMX signal being sent to this machine.  How do you know this okay? I’m going to take the machine and I’m going to tilt it right here and I believe you’ll be able to see this on video, if not, we’ll pop a video up close here and show you. But as you can see I’m going to go channel one, two, three, four you’ll be able to see these red lights light up.

Generally, the electric confetti cannon have red lights, okay? The red lights and green lights are very important. The individual channels or individual shots or cues will have a light, what that light tells you is that when you send a signal to the machine the machine is receiving a signal. The reason why we’ll pop a picture here to show you, but they also have incandescent lights, I believe it’s called incandescent.

They have individual 12 volt lights that plug into these. When you’re testing from afar, you plug that light in, the light shines forward and when you activate the machine. You can see if that light is actually turning on, hence why these are called electric confetti cannons. Round of applause, right. Yes, electric confetti cannons because they’re 12 volt electric.

How DMX Functions Internally

What this electric confetti cannon is doing is the circuitry inside is getting the DMX signal, the DMX signal says channel one, what it does is it activates there’s a plug here which we’ll get to that in a minute, it activates the plug. Which the plug itself, such as the one I’m holding in my hand here, sends a 12 volt signal into this tube which will activate a minor little explosion.

I don’t want to really use that term because I don’t want to freak anybody out. What it does is it creates a chain reaction that has a canister inside, we’ll get to that in a minute, and what it does is it expels some nitrogen and the nitrogen pushes all the confetti out. I’m going to cover that in just a minute. I’m getting ahead of myself, but I’m just so anxious to get this information out.

So, what happens here is these red lights or green lights on some machines, you will see this light up. I’m going to do channel one two three four, and you’ll see these light up if not, we’ll do a close-up video, and you can actually see it okay? So, the lights themselves just show you and tell you that it’s working. You guys want to know how these work, well how these work.

Getting Your Electric Confetti Cannon Mounted

We’re going to show you how to mount them in the machine. Then I’m going to show you on this sample that we butchered exactly how they work inside. This is so that you understand how they work, and you have a great concept. However, I advise never to put your face in front of these when you’re loading it in the machine because it will blow your eye out of your head okay?

Maybe that sounds a little drastic, but I want to make sure that you’re aware of this because these containers are pre-charged with nitrogen. Nitrogen is 3000 PSI, don’t mess with it.

Transporting Confetti Equipment

Now the other important thing here are these canisters cannot be shipped via air, okay? The downside to these types of confetti cannons – electric confetti cannon – you guys in the production industry I know that everybody plans way in advance not correct everybody’s last minute. Therefore, when you order these, you need to make sure you at least have five to seven business days to order them in advance of your event.

This is because they have to be shipped. The reason for this is that you put these on a plane, they are not authorized to be in a plane. They could explode and I don’t know if they’ll blow the plane up but let’s not try that, okay? So, how this works is this you get the new tubes you see that they’re taped at the top because of the little cap that’s on there.

If you open this all your confetti will fall out, and you won’t be able to use it. Not good. You’ll take the tube, and you’ll go ahead and loosen the two little screws that are on this machine.

How The Knobs Work

Other electric confetti cannon have different types of knobs but basically, how this works is these knobs on the side do the tilt, so I’m going to tighten this down just a little bit so that it holds. You have your knob on the side here. What these control is the back and forth like this so that you can angle these. Then you have little knobs that are actually on the side of the two-inch pipe, if you will, where this is inserted.

This needs to be loosened all the way up, okay? So loosen it up. You get your tube in there okay, just like this. Your tube is somewhat pushed down in there, and it stops obviously because the bolts in the back will stop it. Then you tighten this, do not completely tighten this because if you tighten this all the way down, you’ll puncture that canister and this thing will end up firing on your finger, and you won’t have it for your event.

Just tighten it enough to really hold that tube in there, that’s all you want to do. So, with the tubes in there, you notice that you have this connection at the end. You do not want to plug this in, yet you want to mount all your tubes first. When your tubes are mounted, you go ahead, you angle them where they want to go.

Safety Tips for Electric Confetti Cannon

I know I’m blocking my face but I don’t care, my face isn’t important, the machine is. okay, you want to angle these as such. Maybe you want to fan this way out, perhaps you all want them shooting forward because you only want two of them to do something and one of them, you get the point.

Activating the Electric Confetti Cannon Machine and The DMX

So, one person will come to the electric confetti cannon, the other person goes to the DMX controller. The person that’s at the machine communicates with the person in the DMX controller and when they activate channel one, the person at the machine says if channel one light lights up okay, now channel two you want to check that. Channel two lights up channel three channel four.

When they activate the controller as you can see here, let’s put that right in between, you activate it, the lights light up. You want to bring your channels back down and make sure that the channels are at zero, and you want to wait for the lights to turn off on the electric confetti cannon, okay. Wait for these little individual channel lights to turn off. Wait about five minutes I say five minutes, you can technically just wait until the lights turn off but if you wait five minutes and there’s no activity, now you know you’re safe.

This is because if the lights are still on, and you plug these tubes in, you’re going to blow the tubes. The lights are off, the DMX controller is set to standby, whatever your DMX controller is and again lights are off. Now you can plug these little plugs in just like this. I’m not going to plug in this one because I’m going to do a test and a demo here and I don’t want to blast the confetti off at this.

More about DMX

This is especially because in this room we’re in a tight space that would probably be bad, okay because this is a large tube. If it were a smaller one, I’d most likely do that.  So, everything’s connected, everything’s set up, my DMX controller is on standby. These three are plugged in because we’ve already used these nothing’s going to happen. This one’s not plugged in because this is a brand new one but for the sake of this video, all of these would be brand new on your event and this is what you would do.

You would just stand by and kick it, then when you’re ready to shoot the confetti off, you activate the electric confetti cannon. So channel one’s not going to work, channel two actually turn off standby okay, boom that would blow okay. Boom. Boom.

That was me shooting each one of these individually. There is a little bit of a light in there and what that does is, this is actually the two pieces or the 12 volt connecting.  It actually has something that melts it.  It expands inside, and that’s why it smokes just a little bit right here.

Internal Workings Of Confetti Tubes

In this part of the video, I’m actually going to show you up close how these confetti tubes work inside. Just so you know, you would rather not skip to the next chapter in the video. If you do want to know, keep on watching.  This is what one looks like without it being butchered and mutilated and all jacked up. This one is clearly mutilated, but we’ve done that so that we could show you how this works inside.

There are three main parts to this section here in these tubes.  Three main sections to the tube there.  You have your canister which holds the nitrogen compressed air. Then, you have your middle section. There is really no specific of what it is called, but what this does is that it sets the nitrogen canister inside here and actually is where the control wires connect to activate. This allows the nitrogen to expend itself into the tube and blow the confetti out.

Then, you have your tube which is the top section, so the tube looks like this which is just any regular tube.  Then the cap at the top, that’s what we’re going to call part of the tube, so here’s the three sections actually taken apart.

The Reverse Thread

This is a reverse thread, so let me go ahead and take this out. So, these are what the different sections look like now. This middle section just has this ring around it, and then you actually have a piece of plastic.  How these work is this. Like I said here, this has your nitrogen already in it. It has a little rubber stopper, a cap that is inside and what happens is when it is put together, this is filled, and it’s put inside here where it cannot open.

We’ll do a close-up here, so you can see it, but there’s a little trap door if you will or there’s a little door inside here. This door will open and shut. When that’s shut it has a little clamp that’s on it and that clamp is basically bound to this plastic piece. Now, when this gets the 12 volt signal from the machine, you ever cross a thin piece of metal actually a fuse would be a great example. When you have a fuse that blows, it actually heats up it gets really orange, and then it blows.

That’s exactly what’s happening inside this. When you activate the electric confetti cannon, 12 volts are positive and negative. One for each wire because positive and negative can’t both go in the same wire. Run through this and on the other end what happens is that it crosses, and you actually get that type of burning if you will. It really shorts itself out by doing that.

More Info on Electric Confetti Cannon Tubes

It burns off the contraption that holds this trap door down, and that trap door then releases under the pressure of the air. This cap will then blow off inside and what ends up happening, I’m not going to put it inside here because then I wouldn’t be able to get it out for the video, but that is why you have this grate right here.

Because this grate, if you will, built into this piece, stops this cap from shooting all the way out because it is confetti you want. You don’t want rubber caps going at your crowd, so the cap gets stuck in here.

All the air expends itself and blasts out into the tube and all your confetti comes out, the end confetti streamers whatever you have in it. Now you’ve seen some close-ups, and you’ve seen how this operates. This piece is pretty much.

You have to really pry this to get it apart because it’s stapled together. This cap is also around this piece as well. So, the way this works is when it’s all together, boom, this is what it looks like when it’s back together again. I’m not going to continue to put this in because it’s being annoying, and I’m not good at putting them together just to get explaining the videos.

On Screws

So, anyways you get how this works okay? Now you know why these canisters should not be on planes because they’re under a significant amount of pressure. Moreover, now you know why you should not screw that screw in. Because that screw is, actually I could look at the side of this and see right where the screw went because there’s a divot inside there. A little indent from when you screw it down.

Now, these are pretty hard cans, but you would rather not take a chance on the fact that you’re screwing that side piece down to lock this canister in there and actually puncture that canister. This is because you only get one use out of these.  As you could tell, once these are used, you go ahead, and you just throw them in the trash.  That’s how the individual confetti cannon electric confetti cannon inserts or E-cartridges is what they’re called. That’s how they work.

Taking the Electric Confetti Cannon Apart

So, now we’re back to the machine here, zooming a little bit out and how to take the electric confetti cannon not to take the machine apart. We only want to strike the machine as they call it in this industry. This is so that you can use it next time, so we’ve already used the confetti. This one we have not, so I’ll go ahead and take that one out now because we did not use that one.

We didn’t use it because it is a full confetti stick okay, now these ones have already been used and this is what they would look like probably after you get done using them. They go through a little bit of a beating because a lot of air is coming out super fast. Now when you’re done using this, you go up to the machine, you’re going to want to unplug each individual cartridge or E-cartridge. When you unplug them, then you come back to the little screw that’s on the side.

You go ahead, and you take each one of them out. So, you can do this boom one, two, three when those are taken out. Now, taking them out before you turn the machine off or disconnect it or after safety precaution.

Safety Warnings for Electric Confetti Cannon

I would just say turn the electric confetti cannon off first. I didn’t do that here, but that’s because my face was never in front of the machine tubes. The confetti tubes, you don’t ever want your face in front of these things. Let’s say if this was this, you know this one’s completely dismantled, so for the purpose of this video I’m going to show you exactly what not to do.

Don’t do this, okay? I can’t say this enough. I don’t want somebody coming back and going hey you put your face in front of it. Well yeah because this one is completely taken apart and I know for a thousand percent sure that it will not blow up in my face okay.

So, you want to avoid being doing this on the electric confetti cannon. If one of these things did not blow all the way, and you thought it did, or maybe it has a second charge because it’s some manufactured defect, or it didn’t even blow at all, this would blow your eye out of your head.

Again, I’ve said that before but I got to be serious on this, it’s serious stuff okay? There’s a lot of pressure in these. Never put your face, okay? Just get it out of the way.

More Precautionary Advice when Using Electric Confetti Cannon

Regardless, maybe it breaks, maybe it doesn’t, the fact of the moral of the story is your face isn’t in front of this. And then you can go in. I don’t recommend ever going over the electric confetti cannon because you could get hurt.

You can injure your limbs and your body too. I always tilt these things away. I’m going to tilt it at you, you’re on camera, so it doesn’t matter.

Machine Decoupling Instructions Continued

Then you go in, and you take the machine apart, strike the machine, I like saying. Take it apart, I don’t know why anyways, I always turn the machine off first and then I take the tubes out.  If you don’t well, then you don’t take the tubes out then turn it off. Then you go ahead, and you disconnect your DMX and your power and then boom your machine is ready to be stricken. If that’s even a word.

You’ve striked your machine, and it’s ready to be put away for use next time. Okay, that is how an electric confetti cannon works or an electric confetti launcher is what they’re called.

Conclusion – How Electric Confetti Cannon Works

This video is on electric confetti cannon and e-cartridges. These are the e-cartridges, we have another video link in the description that will be on continuous flow. Confetti cannons, you may call them something different you may call them confetti blasters, confetti blowers. Continuous flow confetti cannons are also known as confetti blowers. You have to watch that video to watch that okay and then of course confetti launchers now.

Thank you, guys for watching this video on electric confetti cannon. Thank you guys for tuning in and dealing with me and some of my quirky stuff. I love doing that okay? It gives you some entertainment but more importantly. I covered the machine. Also, I covered how the machine works. I also covered how the DMX controller connects to the machine. More importantly, we covered how these E-cartridges work.

This is the most important thing, okay? and of course, the ice cream man has to drive by while I’m recording this video, why not? Never has this happened before. Anyways until next video I’m Chris this is CryoFX, do me a favor and if you just like that comment, please hit the like button okay?

Come on please, but seriously, hit the like button, subscribe button. Stay tuned to our channel, we have more videos coming up and until next time, this is CryoFX and this was how an electric confetti cannon works. We’ll see you on the next video.