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How Do I Safely Put Away My Co2 Special Effects System Or Products After Use General Overview CryoFX

How to Safely Put Away Co2 Special Effects System or Products after Use

First and foremost, you’ve already been using the Co2 special effects system. If you’re watching this video, let me back up. If you want to learn how to set the system up, that’s a whole other video. It’s on this page somewhere. So how do you strike or tear down your Co2 special effects system?

Turn the tanks off first, tanks off. Then, you go back to whatever method that you use to activate the Co2 jets or handheld cannon. Handheld cannon; press the trigger and hold it until all the pressure’s out.

If you still have pressure coming out of the Co2 special effects system; and you still have co2 coming out after 30 seconds or a minute, you probably didn’t turn the tank off all the way. Or you have a couple of hundred feet of line. So either one of those two, you want to turn the tanks off.

Let the pressure out. If it’s a jet, activate the DMX or expel the co2 from the system by a manual button or manual valve on the co2 jet. There’re different types of jets and different types of systems. Regardless, get the co2 out of the line. That’s it.

What Next When Tank Is Off?

Once all the Co2 is out of the line, you come back to the tank. The tanks are already off. You take your wrench and you open or you don’t open. You turn the Co2 fitting counter-clockwise to start loosening it.

When you do that, safety here; if there is any Co2 coming out of the Co2 special effects system, make sure that tank is off. You go back and open up the Co2 jets, or you activate the Co2 jets or press the Co2 cannon handle. Make sure all the pressure is out. I just said that. But I’m saying it again.

What you don’t want to do is continue to open that fitting and unscrew that fitting when there’s still pressure on that line. If you do and all of it hasn’t been released, what’s going to happen is that hose could be under pressure. It could swap right out of your hand and start flying around and hurt somebody.

What To do If there is Leaking Co2 from the Co2 Special Effects System

Therefore, if there’s any leaking Co2 coming out of the Co2 special effects system as you open that fitting, or unscrew that fitting, just stop. Make sure the tank’s off. Make sure the Co2 jets and everything else is activating and they’re letting the other Co2 out of the line. If you still have problems, then there’s probably a bad valve on the tank which happens one and probably ten thousand times.

So I guarantee that’s not the issue. You need to just follow the directions in this video. Now I know I’m being direct. I still love you. Anyways, what you need to do is go back and make sure all the Co2 is out. Yes, Chris, we’ve heard it. I know. I’m saying it again, because safety first, please guys.

Take the Fitting Off

Now, when all the Co2 is out, continue to take that fitting off. You unscrew the fitting. If you want to save the washer, you can use the washer again. If not, throw the washer away. Then you go to your jets when the fitting’s off the tank. You put the caps on the tanks.

Additionally, if they’re smaller tanks, they don’t have caps. That’s fine. Then you go over to your jets or your handheld gun, and you take the hose off of there. If you’re going to return it with the hose on, that’s fine. If you’re going to put it away with the hose on, that’s fine.

Endnote – Co2 Special Effects System

Now you’ve officially taken down and struck the Co2 special effects system. You’ve stricken. I don’t know what the term is. You’re striking your co2 system. Caps on the tanks, the tanks are there. Keep those tanks strapped down until they are going to be moved. Or a gas company or us come and pick them up. That’s it. That’s how you strike a Co2 system. I hope this video helps. Safety first. Thanks for watching. This is CryoFX!