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How Do The Cards Work With Cold Spark Machines [CryoFX®]

Cards and Cold Spark Machines

How do the cards work with spark machines? Or more importantly, how do the granule parts work with cold spark machines? Let’s be specific. How do they work? They work like this. One card equals the amount of time. Generally, it takes to use a full packet of granules.

For this example, you have a 200-gram pack of granules. And you have one card that puts 15 minutes on the machine. And when you ask, what is the time on the machine? The machine is going to operate regardless. However, there’s a locking device or a limiter on the logic board that prevents the machine from operating.

Unless that card is scanned into the machine which the card is an RFID communicator with the machine, that says I’m allowing you to work 15 more minutes. Some machines are only allowed to work for four minutes. Those machines are the sparkler minis and those take 50-gram packs. I’m kind of jumping all over. But I want to make sure you understand the concept because this is a conceptual question.

Time and Granule Pack

Now what ends up happening is, that you have a fixed amount of time with the card. But you have a granule pack that isn’t a fixed amount of time. Depending on how many times you use the machine, how long you use the machine, and how fast the little motors in the machine are turning, every machine is slightly just a little bit different. I didn’t know the word for that, but you get it.

So when you have something that’s fixed and something that’s not fixed, what’s going to end up happening is this. Let’s say you use the machine three times. You fully expend and use all the granules three times. So 200 grams, 200 grams, 200 grams. Now, you’ve used three cards. Well, what’s going to happen after two or three times, maybe even after one time is, that you’re going to use your granules up. But you’re going to have extra time on the machine.

So let’s say that you used it three times. After those three times, typically you would have 12 to 15 minutes for the case of the case and point of this video. Let’s say 12 minutes; 12, 24, 36, you’re going to have 36 total minutes on the machine.

Well out of 200-gram packs, after using three of those packs three times, you get what I’m saying. What’s going to happen is, that you’re probably going to have 6 minutes or 8 minutes left over on the machine. Maybe 10! Maybe a little bit more. The more minutes that are left over, the better it works for you.

We offer Granules at CryoFX

we offer granules specifically for you to put into that machine, without having to purchase a granule and card set. Other companies won’t do this. But we understand that this is a technical issue if you will or just an annoyance. And why keep adding time to your machine, when you’re going to use it 50 times and you’ve got two hours left. Just example, probably not likely, but you’ve used all your granules up and you just want more granules.

So I hope you understand the concept. Because when the cards on the machine are used together, that is what happens when you use these multiple times. Certain machines are going to give you an E8 code. That means you need to put another card into the machine and activate the machine again.

Certain machines take certain cards. Certain brands take certain brand cards that are specific to that brand. You cannot use a card more than twice. Wrong! You cannot use a card more than once. Just want to make sure that you’re paying attention there. One card is one-time use and then the card is trash. You can throw it away.

The granules are one-time use. You don’t want to be using granules again. So I hope this answers the question of how the cards and the machines are relevant to each other. The machine is going to operate.

Endnote – Cards and Cold Spark Machines

Just recapping again! The card just puts time on the machine. And says I’m authorizing you to work for x amount of minutes. And then, of course, the granules; you could put the granules in as much as you want with the machine.

Hence, just think of this as the card is really what you’re purchasing along with the granules. The granules; you can add as many granules as you want to the machine. But without a card, the machine is not going to continue to work. I hope that answers your question on how a card and granule pack work together. This is CryoFX!