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How Does Becoming a CryoFX® Dealer and Distributor Work

Becoming a CryoFX® Dealer and Distributor

How does dealer distributorship work when you want to become a dealer or distributor for CryoFX? Good question, and we have more information on our dealer and distributor page. Without repeating all that information on this video, I encourage you to go to that page and look at the information on that page.

Also, we have a video on that page as well that explains the exact process and more details pertaining to becoming a dealer. Regardless, I will answer on this video – Do I get a discount by becoming a distributor?

Is There A Discount For Becoming A Dealer And Distributor?

Well of course, you do because you’re going to be a distributor. But what we’ve noticed is a lot of people, a lot of businesses have a one-time request for discount. We have a special program just for that. You can find more details on the dealer distributor page.

What happens is; when you apply to become a dealer, we process your order over here with any discount or savings when a dealer packet is submitted. There is an intent to become a dealer and distributor.

How Long Does the Processing Take?

We also process your dealer packet over here. So that those are happening congruently and at the same time. That way there’s not a process of wait wait wait wait wait it takes about two to three weeks turnaround for any approvals or review of our dealer and distributor packets.

Congratulations on Your Approval

Also, if you get approved we want to congratulate you and welcome you to the team. If not, we’re still here to take care of you as a customer and as a client of ours. You’re what make CryoFX go around. Welcome to CryoFX and thank you for watching this video.