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Co2 Cost – All You Need to Know

How much is Co2 or how much does Co2 cost? Well, that’s a great question, and it really depends on the quantity that you’re getting, the travel and method that it’s getting to you. And of course, the tank or what type of medium size capacity it’s coming in with respect to the actual tank itself or the vehicle that’s carrying it. This probably doesn’t make sense, but what do I mean?

Tank Weight and Co2 Price

If you order a fifty thousand pound tanker truck or a thirty thousand pound tanker truck, you’re going to be getting a lot better Co2 cost per pound than you would be on a regular 50-pound tank, a 75-pound tank or a 20-pound tank. 20-pound tanks per pound of Co2 are generally more expensive than a 50-pound tank of Co2. The reason for this is you have associated costs into the manpower of filling that tank, which stays the same across all tanks in different sizes.

There is also the Co2, which ultimately you’re getting charged for as well. So, in a perfect world or hypothetical world, here you have a 20 pound tank and a 50 pound tank. Let’s say your 20 pound tank is 30 bucks, okay? Let’s say your 50 pound tank is 50 bucks. Well, it’s only 20 more, okay? You have a 50 pound or a 20 pound. Well, you obviously see the cost of Co2.

In general, it’s going to be different, but if your fill, your manpower and the general cost involved with just filling that tank are the same between them both, you’re going to be charged a little bit different on the Co2 in that example. Now, with that explained, this should give you some insight as to the cost of Co2.

Other Factors Affecting Co2 Cost

Now, how much are you ordering? Do you have an account? Are you bringing your own tank? Where are you going to get this filled? All of this stuff matters. Therefore, what is the supply and demand of Co2? Co2 is a gas like gas at a gas station, the price goes up and down generally with certain companies.

They keep the price steady because that small fluctuation, they just deal with it in house. However, other companies may give you the counter price or a public price that does fluctuate with the market.


With that said, all of these items come into play when there’s a cost involved on Co2. The Co2 cost can be anywhere from 30 cents to a dollar a pound. Costs depend on where you’re at and what you’re using it for, but regardless, contact us. Please let us know where you have Co2 currently, where you need it and how much you need. We would also need to know the type of tank that it’s going to be delivered in and of course your delivery address. All of these come into play, and we can definitely help you from here. This is CryoFX, thanks for watching.