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How to Fix a Leaking Co2 Hose Or Co2 System?

My Co2 hose is leaking, or my Co2 system is leaking. How do I fix it? well, this is a multi-faceted answer because there’s a lot of information that’s left out to be able to advise you on exactly how to fix it. so, the best thing I can do here is tell you what could possibly be wrong, and then you’re able to fix it yourself. You need to locate where that leak is coming from.

Troubleshooting Possible Leak Sources

Is the leak coming from a Co2 fitting or Co2 hose? Between the fitting and the tank? Does the tank and the Co2 fitting have a washer inside? If it doesn’t have a washer inside, put one of the Co2 washers inside, put that fitting back on the tank. This fixes your problem. Do not keep over tightening it and hoping that it goes away because it won’t. Now if the hose is leaking between that Co2 fitting and the hose, then that probably needs to be tightened down.

If it was loosened or something else is going on, that’s when you need to contact us or send us a video. More importantly now, if it’s leaking on your jet, where is it leaking? More so, on any of the troubleshooting procedures here, you have to find out where the leak is. If it’s a place that threads are more or less tightening down. Those threads will get rid of the leak, but not always.

Leaks from Co2 Hose or Co2 Fittings

This is because like I said earlier, that Co2 fitting onto a tank, those are threads, but you would rather not tighten it down continuously. This is because you need a washer in there, and that’s what fixes the leak. But generally, every other part of the system, if you have threads there, should be thread tape from us. It’s going to be a specific color and a specific type. We know it because we manufacture, and of course you need to find where that leak is and then fix that.

If it’s a quick disconnect fitting, we have those on our website. We’re just making this video super quick, this isn’t a detailed video on the types of fittings. If it’s a quick disconnect, you probably have an O-ring going bad in the quick disconnect. If you hear it, don’t put your ear near here, but if you hear it coming from your gun or your Co2 cannon, then the seats and seals are probably going bad. Or there’s something clogged inside the valve.

Moreover, the handheld apparatus could be faulty. It’s okay if you hear a little bit of a leak because temperatures could affect the seats and seals inside. Normally, cold makes rubber shrink heat, makes it expand over and over and over again. well, it could damage the rubber and I’m talking hundreds or thousands of uses. so, it most likely wouldn’t be the issue. Just want to explain that here in the video.

Conclusion – Fixing a Leaking Hose

Now if there’s any leak from the Co2 hose or anywhere else, simply just turn the system off. Fix the leak and then turn it on and check it again. If it continues, send us a video, and we’ll be able to diagnose it over the video and tell you exactly what’s going on, but I hope this helps. You could most likely fix the majority of leaks on your side. It doesn’t have to be sent into us, where shipping’s involved and all these other charges. This is CryoFX, thanks for watching.