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Pierce the Veil Tour 2014 Used CryoFX® Custom Co2 Cannon Jet System

Pierce the Veil is an incredibly talented band from San Diego, CA. Fans enjoy the band’s musical delivery of alternative rock and punk metal. Before some of the largest crowds, Pierce the Veil and Sleeping With Sirens will perform during the highly anticipated 2014 World Tour. They will use custom Co2 cannon jet system during the tour.

 About Pierce the Vail

 The Fearless Records label band, Pierce the Veil has achieved impressive album sales and a variety of industry-recognized awards. With high-quality performances of top hits such as “Caraphernelia” and “King for a Day ,” the band is likely to increase its jaw-dropping amount of YouTube views and to continue playing in front of sold out crowds.

After selling more than 500,000 copies, “King for a Day” was awarded a certified Gold status via the RIAA. Pierce the Vail successfully performs in front of screaming fans, while adjusting to various stage sizes and venues. With a wide range of special effects settings, Pierce the Vail selected CryoFX® Co2 Equipment and Co2 Supplies to generate huge bursts of imitation fog.

CryoFX® Manufactures Co2 Products

CryoFX® is a leading supplier of professional Co2 Smoke Cannons and Customized Co2 Cannon Jet Systems. Entertainers, production managers and top DJs use reliable products from CryoFX® for the precise delivery of special effects.  CryoFX® has the expertise to design, fabricate, build, manufacture and customize Co2 Special Effects Systems. Our products shoot plumes of Co2 Smoke to cool the crowd and to rejuvenate the atmosphere.

However, years of experience and timing are necessary to master the delivery of coordinated plumes of Co2 Smoke. You can synchronize this with certain sounds, beats and lighting elements. Also, as consummate professionals, CryoFX® provides high-quality theatrical effects for a premier list of clients.


Customized Special Effects Systems

For the Pierce the Vail Tour 2014, CryoFX® designed a Customized Co2 System to work in unison with various laser and lighting features. After reviewing the required specifications, a CryoFX® Custom Co2 Cannon Jet System was designed. This will specifically facilitate the special effects for the Pierce the Vail Tour 2014.

Having the expertise to scale its manufacturing operation to accommodate the needs for any sized event. CryoFX® is committed to the development of cutting edge equipment; and products that keeps Co2 cold and keeps it bold.

Whether you need special effects; for a concert, motion pictures, commercial shoots, sporting events or for a popular nightclub; you should schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable expert from CryoFX®. This is a proactive step towards finding the ideal Co2 Smoke Jet System.


Recap from Baltimore @vanswarpedtour yesterday.

Posted by Pierce The Veil on Sunday, July 19, 2015



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