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Ruby Rose with her new Co2 Gun from CryoFX

Ruby Rose practicing with her new Co2 Cryogenic Special Effect Gun from CryoFX®   CryoFX® allows you to create theatrical plumes of smoke special effects that instantly gets the crowd roaring in entertainment. Cryogenics Special Effects Smoke Equipment can be used indoors and outdoors and requires no license or permits to operate like pyrotechnics.   […]

Lifetime Warranty Premium Co2 Cannon with custom logo

Cryo Guns

  CryoFX®, the Leader in CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution is proud to introduce the premium Cryo CO2 Gun. Get the best CO2 Gun – lightweight aluminum nozzle, insulated hardware cover, custom logos and gun personalization starting at $55. Lifetime Warranty. Turn to CryoFX for CO2 Special Effects Cryo Handheld Gun Handheld […]