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CO2 Special Effects handheld gunCryoFX®, the Leader in CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution is proud to introduce the premium Cryo CO2 Gun. Get the best CO2 Gun – lightweight aluminum nozzle, insulated hardware cover, custom logos and gun personalization starting at $55. Lifetime Warranty.

Turn to CryoFX for CO2 Special Effects Cryo Handheld Gun

Handheld Cryo Guns made by CryoFX® are wildly popular and preferred among many different entertainment performers and event promoters. These Handheld Cryo Guns, also referenced as Co2 Club Cannons and Handheld Co2 Guns vary in size and style, giving you plenty of options to choose from. These handheld Co2 jets include cryo bazookas, cryo cannons, and even cryo backpacks. With a Handheld Co2 Gun, you can transform any performance into a full-blown production!

CryoFX warrants a longer period of manufacturer defect free against other competitors. Should their be usage issues or damage not cause by the manufacturer, this would not be covered, however anything manufacturer is, so we can assure you that your items will work for an extended period of time.

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