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What Is A Siphon Tube Co2 Tank [CryoFX®]

What is a Siphon Tube Tank?

A siphon tube tank is essentially a straw in a soda cup. Yes, you’re probably like really? What are you talking about here? This is layman’s terms. This is the example I’m going to give because this explains it. So very easily, if you have a straw and a soda cup, if you have the straw outside the soda cup with the soda in it, and you squeeze the cup, the air comes out the top. The same thing with a Co2 tank.

How Pressure Works in the Co2 Tank

The liquid sits at the bottom of a Co2 tank, which the tank is under pressure. Nobody’s squeezing the tank so that pressure will push the air out of the Co2 gas. First, the liquid converts to a gas inside the tank and the gas will continue to come out. Well, when in the soda cup example, you pop that straw in the soda cup all the way to the bottom, and then you squeeze the soda cup.

What happens is that liquid soda comes out the straw, jumping back over to the Co2 tanks. Same concept here. You have a dip tube that’s attached to the valve also called a siphon tube, an adductor tube and what that does is that it goes all the way to the bottom of the tank. When the tank’s under pressure, that pressure is pushing that liquid up and out that siphon tube and out the valve, so you get liquid. Now these tanks are also called adductor tube tanks.

Conclusion – Siphon Tube Co2 Tanks

Siphon, spelt s-i-p-h-o-n or s-y-p-h-o-n or liquid draw tanks or a dip tube tank. A dip, two, the tube dips inside the Co2 now, depending on how you use the tanks. That’s a whole other question, and we answer those questions on this page as well. So, that explains what the difference is or what a siphon tube tank is. I should say thank you for watching, and this is CryoFX.