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Whats The Difference Between A Co2 Cannon Basic Plus Jet And CryoFX DMX 512 Co2 Jet [CryoFX®]

Difference between A Co2 Cannon Basic Plus Jet and CryoFX DMX 512 Co2 Jet

What’s the difference between a Co2 Cannon basic or plus jet and a CryoFX DMX 512 jet? The difference is very vast.

Case Resilience

First of all, the casing is thicker on a DMX 512 jet. If you’re using these for shows and tours and productions constant setup and takedown. They’re getting beat around they can take a beating. Case in point, Vance Warp Tour x amount of shows and x number of days. Any band that you talk to that’s been on one of those shows, they can tell you how brutal it is. The equipment takes a beating, even more so than the entertainers.

I can tell you that if you had a Co2 cannon plus or basic DMX 512 jet on that tour, it would probably break after two or three uses. Not because the equipment’s bad, but because the casing and the build of the jet simply wouldn’t handle it. Those jets are made for smaller productions. Djs, like I said, smaller DJ setups or installations in bars or restaurants where you have a couple of Co2 blasts a night, and it’s a very simple setup.

Valve Capacity

Hence, if you want something more rugged, if you want something that internally the valve itself actually is built to withstand 30, 000 cycles or more, that would be the CryoFX DMX 512 jet. Those are built for tours, they’re heavier, and they’re more rugged. The features are generally the same. Though, the looks are going to be different. However, what I will tell you is this; the difference is the valve inside. We have other videos that are specific to those valves on our YouTube channel. Also, I would highly advise you to go watch those there.

Case in point, keeping it simple, Co2 cannon, those valves have little diaphragms that are Polyurethane or Teflon, and they wear out after time. They’re not built for multiple uses and extenuous uses. And of course, the casings are super small. The valves are super small, the orifice on the valve which is the smallest point of the flow is tiny which gives you less of an output.

Higher Output and Larger Orifice on the Valve

Also, CryoFX jet, DMX 512 or CryoFX products have a higher output and larger orifice on the valve. The valves actually have piston activations inside, so it’s a piston that’s going up and down. It’s a driver, if you will, not some little Teflon piece.

Conclusion – Difference between A Co2 Cannon Basic Plus Jet and CryoFX DMX 512 Jet

In conclusion, keeping this simple, those are built for very rugged use and very, very demanding. So, we have a professional series, and we have kind of an amateur beginner smaller production series. That should explain what the difference is between Co2 Cannon basic and plus jets and CryoFX DMX 512 jet. Thank you for watching.