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What’s The Difference Between CryoFX Dmx 512 Co2 Jet & CryoFX High Output Liquid Co2 Valve [CryoFX®]

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Difference Between CryoFX DMX 512 Co2 Jet & CryoFX High Output Liquid Co2 Valve

What’s the difference between a DMX 512 jet, a CryoFX DMX co2 jet, and a regular high output liquid Co2 valve? Well, there’s really not much of a difference, but I will tell you this. Depending on your application, you may pick one or the other.

Some special effects companies that like having a smaller footprint that can deal with 12 or 24 Volt DC instead of a 120 or a 240 AC. Furthermore, those production companies and special effects companies that do special effects like the smaller footprint, maybe they have a controller apparatus that controls those.

Differences between the Duo

Like I said, via DC or AC and an on and off function, it works great, and the flow rate is about the same. The opera, the options that are available with the valves are quite different. Types of mounts, types of connections, types of fittings, types of nozzles.  So, the DMX 512 jet is more of a shelf ready or what we call off the shelf product. There’s really not much you can do to customize it. However, we can customize it, we can make it battery operated, change the nozzles and do a bunch of different features.

Which is the Costlier Option?

The difference really if you’re trying to save money, let me just tell you this, you’re probably going to spin your wheels saving money and end up right back at the same place you started. And the reason why is this is that you have one DMX lit or two let’s say, for example, here you have two DMX 512 jets. The cost is a little bit higher than two of the high output liquid Co2 valve from CryoFX.

Well, the cost savings that you’re going to get those valves. If you need to control those with DMX, that DMX relay that you’re going to need to get or DMX dimmers, so what some of them are called is going to end up costing the same if not more than what you would spend on just having two DMX 512 jets. Anyways, I hope I could paint the picture there, they’re both great products, but you’re going to be in good hands with either one of them.

Conclusion – Difference between DMX 512 Co2 Jet & High Output Liquid Co2 Valve

Your application is determined by what your needs are, and of course your application let us know what type of equipment you need. Only these two items are not just what we carry, we have a lot more and can advise you on many different aspects for your project. Go ahead and contact us with any questions. This is CryoFX. Thanks for watching.