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You’ve heard the terms “Co2 Blaster” or “Co2 Blasting” but did you know they actually mean something totally different? Respective of industry and place, Co2 Special Effects correlates to Co2 Blasters and Dry Ice Blasting correlates to Co2 Blasting in short. Here’s an in depth explanation on both topics, that most people don’t know.

Co2 Party Gun, IE: A Co2 Blaster

Today’s generation love to party and blow off a lot of stress. Whether it’s over the weekend or the middle of the week, people will find ways to relax and have fun. This is the reason the hospitality and entertainment industry are huge. Unknown to many, technology plays a big role in these industries. It’s a well known fact that movies and television makes use of special effects. But unknown to many, the technology of special effects is also useful to the hospitality and entertainment world.
Technology is advancing more and more, day by day.

Practically all of our activities are affected by the state of technology. Because of this, many inventors and companies have come up with many different gadgets and equipment to help people in their everyday lives. As today’s technology advances, the needs of the entertainment industry has also grown a lot, often adapting technology from other industries to meet its requirements. One of these is the CO2 Blaster.

Co2 Blaster - Co2 Special Effects

Adapted from the dry ice blasting industry, which uses carbon dioxide in a specialized cleaning process much like sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting, the CO2 Blaster makes use of the same concept. The process uses dry ice, which is frozen carbon dioxide, as the blasting medium. Dry ice blasting is non-corrosive, non-flammable, and in general, a very safe process to use.

The Dance Club Co2 Blaster for Co2 Special Effects

While music plays an important role in entertaining guests; especially those in an environments such as a discotheque, dance club; or even just in a bar that plays popular music. Special effects can also contribute to the establishment’s atmosphere. Special events that are foreseen to have a lot of attendees; also rely a lot on special effects such as pyrotechnics and of course, fog effects. These contribute a lot to the event’s success; and many hosts and event organizers have grown to rely on special effects to keep their guests entertained.

Without special effects, guests will think that the event is dull and boring. Events organizers and hosts want to avoid their guests thinking this way; and they have come to rely on CO2 Blasters to produce special fog effects at these events. While there are many gadgets of the same kind flooding the market; the CO2 Blaster is perhaps the most popular and most sought-after model. It has become the favorite of many events producers and hosts.

The CO2 Blaster is a one-of-a-kind fog machine that is usually worn on a person’s back, very much like a regular backpack. Being very portable, it allows the operator to take it anywhere, anyplace, anytime; without being hindered by the gadget’s size and weight. The backpack configuration means that the operator’s mobility is not affected by hoses or equipment; that is bolted down on the floor. The CO2 Blaster is also guaranteed to be less cumbersome, and very easy and safe to use.

CO2 Blaster

Co2 Blaster

Furthermore, it is well recommended for those people who are looking to experience the advantages of a trouble-free, worry-free fog machine. The CO2 Blaster has been proven to be one of the safest and most secure fog machine-style equipment currently on the market. Different from other brands and configurations, the CO2 Blaster, with its backpack-style model, comes with impressive features that make your job a piece of cake. It will definitely make your event really fun and enjoyable, making it one to be talked about for years!

Co2 Blaster vs Fog Machine (Co2 Special Effects)

Compared with other fog machine equipment, the CO2 Blaster has proven to be very versatile, making it much better than the competition. Its outstanding advantages have made it the popular choice among events organizers and hosts. Designed to be portable, the CO2 Blaster has adjustable chest and waist straps so it can be used by people of different sizes and builds.

The adjustable straps allows the user to carry it comfortably. The straps are made of a flexible but tough material that allows it to conform to the user’s body shape, and secures the device to the user’s back, fitting it perfectly. Because the straps are tough, they won’t rip or break easily, preventing it from falling off and injuring someone. This makes it very safe to use.

The CO2 tank valve, which controls the flow of carbon dioxide, is found away from the user’s head and neck. The carbon dioxide hose is long enough that the operator’s movement is not restricted.

The CO2 Blaster uses a custom metal clamp that prevents the hose from slipping and breaking away from the tank containing the carbon dioxide. Though the CO2 Blaster is easy to use, each set comes with a user’s manual that tells you how to use the device properly. It comes with safety guidelines and a section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the product.


How to use the CO2 Blaster

You might think that using the CO2 Blaster is difficult, but it’s not. It’s very easy, especially when the guidelines are followed properly. Even a beginner can use the CO2 Blaster with relative ease. The CO2 Blaster comes with carbon dioxide tanks ranging from a 5lb capacity all the way to a 20lb weight, and a cannon blaster setup. You can also use an aluminum 50lb Siphon Co2 Tank (called an aluminum 50lb co2 tank without the siphon tube).

The user wears the tank on his back, supported by adjustable straps. Comfort is not an issue since the straps can be loosened or tightened according to the level of comfort the user wants. However, the maximum tank weight the backpack can carry is only twenty pounds.

The CO2 Blaster’s portability makes it perfect for any event that needs a portable fog machine simulator. Stage productions become more impressive, as compared to having to rely on just spotlights alone to create special effects.

In a concert, discotheque, or night club, the energy level of concertgoers or club-goers are boosted because of the added ambience. It can add a more scary and creepy atmosphere to haunted house attractions. The CO2 Blaster can guarantee higher levels of excitement compared to just ordinary lighting effects.

The Best Co2 Cannon Blaster in the Market

CO2 Blaster is one of the leading and most recommended model of fog machine simulation equipment commercially available. It has impressive features that will definitely give you the outcome you want for the events you organize.

It is one of the most flexible and versatile fog machine simulation equipment; fitting in perfectly with disc jockey systems and even in mobile production. However, it’s not just effects that are important. Safety is also a major factor. CO2 Blasters adhere to the highest safety standards, giving you great value for your money.

The CO2 Blaster will prove to be a wise and profitable investment on your part; since it will add to the positive feedback your event will receive. It’s also upgradeable. This means you don’t need to buy new equipment all the time. With all these going for the CO2 Blaster; don’t waste time and order one now! And when you do, expect to see your events and parties become more and more in demand!

CryoFX is one of the leading and most recommended brands of fog machine simulation gadgets in the market today. Also, CryoFX products that have impressive features that will surely give you the outcome you want for the events that you organize.

dry ice blasting - co2 blasting
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Dry Ice Blasting – Dry Ice Blaster

Dry Ice Blaster - Dry Ice Blasting

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