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Cold Spark Machine Case (CryoFX® Cold Spark Fountain Case)

An Overview of Cold Spark Machine Case

What’s up guys, welcome to CryoFx website. Today’s article is going to be on cold spark machine case. We have a lot of videos on the channel here that are either up already or going to be up on many different related issues.

These include how to clean a cold spark machine, powder cold spark machine granules and the like. In this video, however, we talk about cold spark machine case. Let’s clarify something real quick, there could be two different versions of a case, or maybe I should say two different iterations of what a spark machine case could be. These include the built-in or road case types.

Now, we want to make sure we cover both of those. Because, we don’t know what your needs are. We want to make sure that we encompass both major types in one video.

What Are Cold Spark Machines?

In some videos and articles on our website, cold spark machines are also called cold sparklers or spark sprayer. There are a lot of different names for it, and we’re not going to attempt to name them all here. However, the machine case technically is the outer case that comes off the cold spark machine. So, you have this outer case, and you also have the front plate which is part of the case. That’s what a cold spark machine case is.

On one of our videos, we talked about how to open up the top of the case and get inside, so you can clean it. It also contains information on spark machine cleaning and the cleaning process.

Why Proper Wire Connection Is Essential

The most important thing that you have to be aware of with your case is that there are things inside of it that allow you to ground the case out. You see a ground wire in the case that connects to a portion of the machine.

There is another ground wire that connects to this outer coil spark machine case. Why are those important? You may have a motor or multiple motors or a heating element, and you have different electronics in your machine. If they shut out, they’re going to blow circuitry or trip breakers. In the worst-case scenario, they could cause a fire. We don’t mean to scare anybody, but you do need to be aware of these dangers.

Recoupling Your Machine

On some of our videos, we talk about how to go into the machine, what is inside a spark machine and things like that. However, we want to make sure that we stress that you must put the machine back together exactly the way that you took it apart. If you need to document that process by doing a video, writing notes or taking pictures, whatever the case is, make sure you do that.

This is because if you do recouple your machine wrongly, you run the risk of leaving one of your ground wires out. This is sure to cause problems. Now, if you have a spark machine case, you can go ahead and put the cold spark machine inside its case. At this point, the case is bigger than the spark machine. There are other inserts that can go in or a smaller case in itself. Now, the center is normally for your granule packs for your cords, the different apparatuses that go with it.

These may include pieces of equipment such as the remote control, the manual remote and the cord. There is also, the power con and of course, the case itself can close it can open back up as most road cases do. Essentially, what will happen there is you put the road case in the mail, or you put it where you need to go.

Why Do You Need A Cold Spark Machine Case?

The cold spark machine case is very important. This is what takes the beating, not your cold spark machine. What ends up happening is that you have this control panel on the cold spark machine. You have a lot of other functions that are on it and a lot of other open orifices if you will.

There is also dirt and grime if moisture gets inside. These are very delicate machines, and you need to treat them as such. As explained fully in other videos on this channel, the corkscrews can get damaged, and will not operate accordingly.

Furthermore, as you have heat right next to a circuit board, which will damage the board if the fan doesn’t work properly. I could go on for days, but that’s not what this article is about. Thanks for reading this article about cold spark machine case. I hope we have successfully covered both the built-in and road case types. We are CryoFX!