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Cold Sparklers

What are the differences between cold sparklers DJ and cold spark machines? Recently, I attended my friend’s wedding. It was quite an intimate garden wedding and I was intrigued by the couple’s efforts. From exquisite food, a serene location, and, to top it all off, a backyard DJ.

But the most beautiful thing was the walkway, which had two cold sparklers at each corner. These created such an aura of love and beauty, and you know what else? It sparked some curiosity deep within me.

A Roundup of Cold Sparklers

What are these sparklers all about? How do they work? Are they harmful? What’s so unique about them? And more importantly, what are the different types of cold sparklers, also referred to as “wedding sparks”, “cold pyro”, or “cold spark fountains”.

If you thought the beauty in the skies during Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s was something to behold, you were wrong.

The truth is you haven’t seen it all.

Here are just a few things I discovered about the famed and highly requested Cold Sparklers.

Origin of Cold Sparklers

Fireworks were first discovered in China during the sixth century AD by a man called Callinicos of Heliopolis. He created a device called a cheirosiphon that produced fireworks. This first invention has now evolved and led to the widespread use of different sparklers for almost all occasions and events. The current version of the sparkler was invented by German Wunderkerzen in the 1850s.

Features of Cold Sparklers

Sparklers are originally sticks or devices that burn gradually and produce brightly colored glowing sparks. Children popularly used them in bonfire events, but they have now evolved for use in major events and functions in the form of a machine that passes “granules” through a heating element and when heated, blows them outward to showcase the glowing “cold sparks”.

Fun fact: “Cold Sparks” was dubbed the name as the “sparks” emit a “colder” temperature than that of actual sparks.

Important Advisory: Although dubbed “Cold Sparks” these sparks, whether stick sparklers, or cold spark machines, will indeed still ignite the right material on fire. For instance flowers with flammable holding agents, cloth or material that is not flame retardant, etc.

Besides being of many colors and sizes, these meticulous stick devices come in different varieties, i.e., gold, colored, whistling, and crackling. For the machine style cold sparks, not so much as there are generally one color, orange!

Types of Sparklers Used by DJs

A Cold Spark Machine


The Cold Spark Machine was first produced in China by Showven technology, and it later moved all its production and distribution to the USA, adopting a different name, Sparktacular Inc. during a business split. Showven is still located in China and the main producer of the Cold Spark Machine, amongst many other pieces of effects equipment. Showven has distributors in other countries such as Oman, the Philippines, Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, etc, with the main distributor in the USA, CryoFX®.

Over time, these machines acquired other names, such as Sparktacular, Sparkular, cold fireworks machine, and cold spark fountain. However, they are commonly known as “cold sparkler fountains.”

General Features

As the name suggests, they have a fountain system that produces cold sparks and allows for the safe creation of some exquisite spark effects. They do not possess any combustible material; therefore, they are not likely to catch fire from combusting, however can and will ignite any substance that enters the spark path which is combustible, includes flammable substances, or is not flame retardant or treated.

All Cold Spark Machines are durable and of incredible quality. Two of the major, reputable brands are iSparkFX™ and Showven®. Their exteriors are durable, having been made of strong, tough, and heat-resistant materials.

The reinvention of this spectacular machine was a solution to many challenges that the traditional pyrotechnic machines posed, such as their high acquisition and operation costs, environmental issues and pollution, and their restriction to only outdoor events for the most part, unless specialty permits obtained for indoor use, at which this would be a modified, smaller version, of the effects if and when used.

Cold spark fountains are perfect for indoor and outdoor events. You can use them in places where pyrotechnics are prohibited. Most of these are safe to use and contain no hazardous content. And when it comes to the overall safety and inbuilt protocols related to spark machines, cold spark fountains are the first with no possibility of compromise or manipulation.

More on Cold Spark Machine Features

Besides being easy to fix and install, they emit little to no smoke, and there’s no need to worry about experiencing some pungent smell or some loud noise. The granules are made of titanium and zirconium powder, and even though they are safe, you might need permission before using them from the relevant authorities in some states.

In places where you use them, the audience should always remain 15 feet away for safety purposes; according to fire regulating agencies such as those in California and Nevada. Regardless, it is recommended that a sensible distance be maintained between the place of its operation and the sitting area, even though it poses no threat, for extra safety and caution.

Cold Spark machines are versatile in that they come in different shapes and colors. They are self-cleaning when this feature is activated and re-adjustable at heights up to 16 feet. This height mainly depends on the model, but most are useful in different places, such as weddings, nightclubs, birthdays, and other festivals.

Cold Sparklers can be controlled either by remote control or DMX 512. With the remote-controlled ones, it’s easy to adjust the sparkler’s output quantity and height.

Examples of cold sparklers include: iSparkFX Models and Sparkular.

The unique Sparkular cold spark fountain comes in many different types, i.e., Sparkular Cyclone, Tripple, Mini, Spin, Fall, and Jet. Please check out these sites for more information concerning the specific types: Here and here.
If you’d like to know more about these machines and the different types available, please visit cold sparklers’ website here.

Wedding Sparklers

With technology comes great innovation, which has been a key factor in transforming the old traditional sparkler into the new types of sparklers, such as wedding sparklers. The truth is that every beautiful wedding deserves classic wedding sparks.

Features Round-Up of Wedding Sparklers

Wedding sparklers resemble some form of a stick but can be in other shapes, such as hearts or stars. Your mainly hold them in your hands.

Event planners can use wedding sparklers for different purposes, such as offering a stunning exit for the bride and groom and giving a perfect background or foreground that allows the capturing of classic moments such as the kiss. Some are perfect for decoration, and they act as the desired centerpieces in a wedding location.

Wedding sparklers differ from other sparklers in terms of size and their burning time. The largest is about 36 inches and burns for about 1-3 minutes. This can be a relatively short duration compared to the Cold Spark Machines and Cold Pyro, which take about 8–15 minutes.

Differences Between Cold Spark Machines and Wedding Sparklers

Most people are familiar with wedding sparklers, but cold spark machines are a much newer invention. There are some key differences between the two that you should be aware of before making a purchase. First, cold spark machines are much less than wedding sparklers. The highest is about 16 feet compared to wedding sparklers, which are 8-36 feet. They are also generally square or rectangular in shape, while wedding sparklers tend to be more slender and cylindrical.

Cold spark machines also have a much longer burning time than wedding sparklers – typically around 10-16 minutes. And finally, most cold spark machines come with a 2-3 years warranty, while wedding sparklers do not. When it comes to purchase options, you can rent or purchase cold spark machines outright. Conversely, you must purchase wedding sparklers outrightly. So if you’re looking for something sizeable and longer-lasting than a traditional wedding sparkler, a cold spark machine may be the way to go.


Finally, keep in mind that safety is paramount beyond having phenomenal events with a stunning fireworks display. It is Desiderius Erasmus, a Dutch philosopher in 1500  who said that “prevention is better than cure,” so always take precaution whenever using either of these machines. Otherwise, be bold and make your events epic with these amazing discoveries.

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