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Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a non-flammable, colorless and odorless gas that is a common product of many life processes. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by humans and released into the air. CO2 is then picked up by plants and is used during photosynthesis. This is just a basic life cycle where carbon dioxide plays an important role.

Carbon dioxide has also found its way in many of today’s products. It is used in CO2 jets, cryo gun, CO2 jet blaster, CO2 bazooka, cryo gun and CO2 jet system. Carbon dioxide for example is used in soda, giving it its bubbly property.

More creative ways of using CO2 today includes its use in the field of entertainment. Some of us who has seen some of today’s most spectacular concerts might not be aware that carbon dioxide has been used in many of these show’s special effects. CO2 “Cryo” effects are a great WOW factor when it comes to dazzling concert shows. CO2 bazooka, CO2 jet and cryo gun are just some of the delivery systems used for cryo effects as seen at

Cryo curtains, fogs and plumes are created with the use of carbon dioxide. Cryo plumes are atmospheric effects that give the impression of white dense clouds or a thick fog. This effect is created by the reaction of liquid carbon dioxide with air moisture. The result is a thick white fog that surrounds the immediate area.

Cryo CO2 Jet system effects are quite dramatic but totally safe. A cryo jet blaster or cryo bazooka can appear to be dangerous but these are actually quite simple delivery systems. A CO2 jet blaster is a self-contained system that shoots out condensed “cryo” 30 or more feet into the air. This is used to produce instant cloud effects that commonly seen in movies or concerts.

Part of a CO2 jet, cryo gun or CO2 bazooka popularity as a special effect system can be attributed to its ease of use and safety track record. These machines could be installed in a number of configurations and could be attached to walls, suspended on trusses or floors. There are even hand held cryo gun systems that can be conveniently operated by a single person.

The cryo effect is the result of the carbon dioxides reaction with humidity. More dramatic effects are produced with higher levels of humidity. CO2 jet and cryo gun are set in the off position and could be easily activated with a simple switch. A stream of cryo is released within seconds and this instantly reacts with the target area’s humidity. More details are available at

One interesting fact about cryo is that it doesn’t trigger smoke alarms or leave residue. It could even decrease room temperature when released into a crowd. It can drop temperatures in as little as six seconds.

Cryo systems come in a myriad of delivery systems. Configurations include wall mounted CO2 jet blaster or a hand help CO2 jet. There are also LED units that are used for different visual effects. LED units when coupled with a red-orange light are used to produce fire effects.

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