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What is Co2 Special Effects? – CryoFX®

What is Co2 Special Effects? Do you want to add style and glamor to the end of an event? Are you looking for the best way to end your concert and occasions in a perfect, grand style? In case you are in search of the ideal way to put more life into, or end any […]

CryoFX Custom Co2 Systems Appearing @MajorLeague Arenas.The New Fad

As a way of attracting more people to stadiums to watch games or attend events, many event organizers have gone a notch higher by investing in Co2 Jet Systems, known to CryoFX as Custom Co2 Systems. A Co2 jet is a small device that emits or blows out white clouds of Co2. The Co2 jets […]

Coachella 2016 Festival – Multiple Acts Chose CryoFX for Co2 Special Effects

Outdoor festivals offer moments to relax and to appreciate the skills of professional musicians. The Coachella 2016 Festival provided many high-quality performances. CryoFX Co2 Products were used to make this year’s event a major success. Coachella 2016 was hosted at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. On consecutive weekends in April, the festival took […]

CryoFX® LED Co2 Cannon Jets were used at Parq Nightclub

CryoFX®  LED CO2 Cannon Jets were used at Parq Nightclub Stage for their CO2 Special Smoke Effects requirements.   The Parq Nightclub wants to wow the crown with the CO2 Special Effects smoke and also to cool the crowd with every shot of CO2 Smoke thrown in the air. The Parq Nightclub loves to use CO2 […]

Why Choose CO2 Special Effects?

From the entertainment industry to the field of medicine, carbon dioxide plays an essential role in our world today. If you can jog your brain to trace back to your high school science classes, you’ll probably remember learning about carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas that is present in atmosphere. While […]

Las Vegas Elaborate Costume To Incorporate CryoFX®

Las Vegas Elaborate Costume To Incorporate CryoFX®   Halloween is always that time of year where parties get wild, people get crazy, and costumes come to life. Whether it be a fictional movie character; a replica of a person, or something totally unique; your bound to see something you have never seen before. Also, the […]

Cryo Special Effects and CO2 Special FX Info

Cryo Special Effects and CO2 Special FX Info CryoFX® CO2 Special Effects Company in San Diego, CA Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is a non-flammable, colorless and odorless gas that is a common product of many life processes. Carbon dioxide is exhaled by humans and released into the air. CO2 is then picked up by plants […]