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As a way of attracting more people to stadiums to watch games or attend events, many event organizers have gone a notch higher by investing in Co2 Jet Systems, known to CryoFX as Custom Co2 Systems. A Co2 jet is a small device that emits or blows out white clouds of Co2. The Co2 jets are connected to a bottle filled with liquid Co2 with a Co2 hose. Co2 Jet Systems are mostly found in hockey, football, and baseball stadiums, events, and festival stages.

Different companies manufacture co2 effects systems for different events or purposes. These systems are made up of Co2 jets/valves, controls, and hoses. For the Co2 jet systems to be effective, the valves, hoses, and the Jets must integrally work hand in hand. For instance, the valves are used to control the amount of liquid or gaseous Co2 emitted by the jets. On the contrary, Co2 jets are used to emit the Co2. These jets can either be single or dual. The hoses on their part are used to transport the Co2; from the holding bottle to the jet and finally to the environment.

CryoFX Co2 Effects Hockey Stadium - prudential Center

CryoFX Custom Co2 System at Prudential Center New Jersey


Types of Co2 Special Effect Systems

Different types of Co2 Jet Systems are available to choose from depending on the preference of the user or the involved stadium or event. Below is a breakdown of some of the most common types of Co2 special effect systems.

Single Co2 Jet Systems

CryoFX Basketball Co2 Effects
The single jet Co2 effects systems are designed to blow Co2 gas from a single nozzle. These systems, just like the standard Co2 systems are connected to a bottle with a hose. The bottles are filled with liquid Co2 which is emitted either by a hand or by an automatic system.

Jumbotron Co2 Special Effects

CryoFX Hockey Arena Co2 EffectsJumbotron special effects are primarily designed for scoreboards and notification purposes. These special effects are usually found in big league events. The special effects provided by some companies are suitable for indoor, outdoor, small and huge venues. Jumbotron effects can be found in sporting events such as those observed in Nascar, NBA venues, ice hockey venues and SuperCross events. A perfect example of a Jumbotron special effects is the one found in the St. Louis Blues at the Scottrade Center.

CryoFX Hockey Arena Co2 Jets


Mobile Cryogenic Co2 Special FX System

With the cryogenic Co2 special FX, smoke filled bubbles are emitted from the Cryo Co2 jets with a large output as compared to regular Co2 jet systems. These types of special effects are ideal for goal celebrations, parties, DJ booths, and field entrance. Most of the Co2 special FX jets are designed in such a manner that instead of shooting up the Co2, they spread it evenly around the players or emit from the field entrance.

Dual Co2 Jet Systems

CryoFX Basketball Arena Fog Effect
The dual jet systems are designed similar to the single jet systems. The main difference being the fact that; the dual systems can blow Co2 gas from two different emitting valves; as compared to the single jet systems which only blow Co2 gas from a single vent. Though both of these jet systems are of great importance to any event. However, the dual system is more advanced and preferred as compared to the single system. This can be attributed to the fact that; it can blast Co2 fog in multiple directions from a single device. Unlike the single Cryo Jet, which can only blast Co2 gas to one direction.

Co2 Cannon System for Scoreboards Special Effect Jets

The Co2 Cannon brags as being one of the best special jets preferred by quite a huge number of entertainment industry leaders. These Co2 special effect jets are suitable for club owners and DJs thanks to their theatrical elements. The jets are designed in such a manner that they can project Co2 plume to distances of up to 30 feet making them the best-preferred jet effects for large stages.

CryoFX Hockey Arena Fog EffectThe Co2 cannons for scoreboards special effect jets feature multiple LED projectors. For instance, if you have a huge event stipulated to take place at night, you can get a Co2 cannon that has over 27 illuminating LED lights. If you have a small event, you can choose a smaller Co2 Cannon for scoreboards. The good thing about these special effect jets is the fact that they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events as well as daytime or nighttime events.

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It is no secret that the use of Co2 special effects has been adopted by many industries especially the entertainment and sporting industries. These Co2 jets have become a regular occurrence in sporting events and entertainment joints in general. The use of Co2 special effects has been found to be harmless to the audience hence giving the leeway to continued use. If you might be holding an event and you would love to add some pomp and color, then it’s high time you invested in Co2 special effects systems.

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