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CryoFX®  LED CO2 Cannon Jets were used at Parq Nightclub Stage for their CO2 Special Smoke Effects requirements.   The Parq Nightclub wants to wow the crown with the CO2 Special Effects smoke and also to cool the crowd with every shot of CO2 Smoke thrown in the air.

The Parq Nightclub loves to use CO2 Special Effects Equipment to entertain the crowd. They shoot frozen liquid CO2 into the crowd during major events or concerts.  The smoke effect emitted from CryoFX® CO2 Club Cannon Jets; are large enough and cool enough to get the crowd at your event entertained and cooled.  These CO2 Smoke Machines work best. Also, they can be seen best when the atmosphere has humidity in it.  Parq Nightclub used our LED CO2 Jets, which uses powerful LED Lights to change the smoke to any color you may want.   This LED CO2 Jets are perfect to customize for your event.

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Furthermore, CryoFX® can customize one CO2 Jet to multiple CO2 Tanks. In addition, we can customize multiple CO2 Jets to multiple CO2 tanks; using our custom Co2 manifolds. Also, our years of experience customizing and building CO2 Special Effects systems for customers such as DisneyLand, Apple and Parq NightClub just to name a few.

Call CryoFX® to rent or buy your customized CO2 Special Effects Equipment for your event or stage at 619.855.2796 or visit our online store at


CryoFX-premium Nightclub cannon CO2 Gun

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