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High School Football Athletics uses CryoFX® to create their own special effects

High School Football Athletics uses CryoFX®

High School Football Team creates their own color smoke special effects using the CryoFX LED Co2 Cannon Jet Smoke Blasters.  Co2 Special Effect Smoke is used worldwide at famous nightclubs and dance clubs around the world.  Also, the Co2 Cannon LED Jets  are used to produce theatrical smoke effects. This instantly enhances the lighting.  Also, it adds a layer of visual special effects to any production.

CO2 Special Effect for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Additionally, CO2 Special Effect Stage Equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors. Also, they are easy to install and very easy to operate.  As long as operation safety instructions are followed, CO2 Special Effect Jets, are fun and easy to enhance your party,  corporate event or even your High School football games, High School Dances, High School Homecoming Events and any other High School event you may have.

Also, co2 special effect smoke equipment is easy to install and easy to operate. It requires no expensive pyrotechnic permits or license and is safe to use indoors. Best of all it WON’T trigger any indoor smoke alarm system. CryoFX® passed the photo electric smoke alarm test.

Need CO2 Special Effect for Your Sport Events? Call Us Today!

Bring home the same co2 special effects used at nightclubs and music concert stages around the world. Call Us at 619-855-2796 or visit us online.  CryoFX®, the Leader of CO2 Special Effects Equipment manufacturing and worldwide distribution is proud to have helped hundreds of clients Cool off and WOW their crowd using custom CO2 Special Effects for their events and music stages. Call Us at 619.855.2796 or visit our Store online at to get yours.

Our Products are also known by the following names. Custom CO2 Cryo Jets Systems, CO2 Cannons; CO2 Bazooka, CO2 Blasters, Cryo Guns, fog blasters; special effects smoke machine, Cryo Cannons, cryo jets; swing CO2 cryo jets, CO2 Jet, club cannons, led co2 cryo guns, co2 jet machine, cryo co2 jet, led co2 jet special effects.

Also, CO2 Smoke Special Effects Cannon Jets shoot out plumes of frozen liquid Co2 in the form of smoke that automatically cools your crowd and gives your party or event that party effect used at major nightclubs and music concerts.

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