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Halloween night in Las Vegas


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Halloween is always that time of year where parties get wild, people get crazy, and costumes come to life. Whether it be a fictional movie character; a replica of a person, or something totally unique; your bound to see something you have never seen before. Also, the same goes for the Predator Costume created by Jalles Franca of Las Vegas, Nevada.

What’s more, in July-August time-frame of 2012, Jalles contacted CryoFX in hopes of acquiring a Handheld Cryo Gun for his Predator Costume project he had spent over 2 years and $4,000 creating. The finishing touch to this one of a kind masterpiece? What nothing better than a handheld cryo gun with a 20lb Co2 tank, as Jalles put it. So CryoFX shipped Jalles their combo pack which included a Cryo Gun and 20lb Co2 Siphon Tank and within days of receiving the two, Jalles had them installed and already a part of his costume creation.



Halloween Night in Las Vegas

Furthermore, Halloween Night and the week surrounding it, thousands of party people in Las Vegas became first hand witness to how amazing the Predator Suit created by Jalles Franca was. “By our standards, Jalles did a fantastic job of incorporating the Handheld Cryo Gun into the costume along with the 20lb CO2 Tank and the method used to hide the cylinder in the costume itself.” The Cryo Gun put the added touch on the costume really bringing it to life and giving everyone around a huge “Wow Factor”.


CryoFX® Handheld Cryo Gun on Predator Costume



Handheld CryoFX® Gun on Predator Costume by Jalles Franca


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