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CryoFX offers a huge selection of handheld CO2 cannons. Hip hop, disco, ’80s blasts or yacht rock from the past, sometimes you just need to let loose and dance at the best concerts in the world. So, earlier this year, me and my friends attended one of the world-class concerts in Boston; House of Blues! As soon as we got in, the crowd was enjoying every moment as the beat was vibrating off the walls, the drinks were being passed across the groups of friends just as fast as they could make them, conversations were loud and we were grappling to hear over the loud music, but to my surprise people were not dancing.

Then, the stadium’s ambiance took a huge turn. Plumes of theatrical smoke blasted from the stage. The smoke created awesome visual effects that instantly awed and got everyone up on their feet as if it were a “wake-up call” telling people that it was time to get wild. In no time, the place was filled with sweaty bodies swaying to the thumping beat. To my naked eyes, the smoke was the making of the concert’s success!

So, what was this smoke that made everyone dance like mad men and women? The smoke was Co2 gas discharged through handheld co2 cannons. This article will have an in-depth look into the different types of Handheld Co2 cannons offered by CryoFX!

But first….

What Exactly Are Handheld Co2 Cannons?

Handheld Co2 cannons, also referenced as handheld cryo guns, are Co2 discharging units that do not require any electric power and are manually operated by squeezing a valve to release liquid Co2.

These cryo guns are used to produce spectacular Co2 effects at live performances, music videos, parties, festivals, events and movies and have become the most popular and preferred way to turn performances into full-fledged productions.

Who Are CryoFX?

CryoFX is a leading American manufacturer of theatrical special effects stage and party equipment, as well as special effect fluids, and one of the industry’s fastest growing Co2 cannon manufacturers and international distributor.

The company stays ahead of the curve from selling cutting-edge equipment to developing new solutions for DJs, musical artists and “party animals”.

CryoFX manufactures handheld cryo guns in various styles and sizes. Some of the models include; Cryo bazookas, Cryo blasters, Dual nozzle cryo guns and Cryo LED guns.

Now let’s take a deeper look!

1. Cryo Bazooka

The Cryo Bazooka is one of CryoFX’s most powerful handheld Co2 canons. This handheld Co2 fog cannon requires 110 or 220 volts of power and can spew Co2 in any direction the user chooses, at any time the user desires.

Shooting the smoke is done by activating the red trigger button located on the handle. The cannon is 40 inches (101.6 cm) by 10 inches (25.4 cm) and can shoot CO2 clouds up to 20 feet (7-10 meters).  However, the bazooka’s hose length is customizable.

The handheld Cryo bazooka is also equipped with easy connectors. The equipment comes with a CryoFX high-pressure hose and a step-by-step pictorial user manual that guides users through setting it up effortlessly.

Clearly, this handheld unit is an excellent addition to any live performance or huge stage show. It allows Djs to add a new element and a huge vibe to any event.

2. Cryo Blaster

The Cryo blaster is a significant step up of Co2 guns for events, festivals, and DJs! Its big size and light weight gives it a more dominant impression!

The Cyro blaster comes with quick disconnect fittings already fitted on the hose and the Co2 cannon. That allows for effortless disconnection of the hose from the Co2 Cannon when not in use.

The handheld cryo blaster has two handles and a sturdy metal housing for added stability. The blaster is also very easy to set up. All the user needs to do is attach the hose to the CO2 cannon and the other end to the Co2 tank, and it will be ready for use in no time!

On the other hand, the equipment requires no electricity. However, the light on top requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The Cryo Blaster’s operation and output are not affected by the use of the light.

The handheld Co2 blaster fires a 20′-30′ long streams that are approximately 4.5′ wide. The equipment can be used for stage plays, events, bars, live performances, concerts, haunted homes, special events, and more.

3. Dual Nozzle Cryo Gun

One Cryo Gun, two nozzles, two Co2 streams. The dual nozzle cryo gun is simply a beast in disguise!

This handheld Dj cannon is capable of simultaneously spraying two streams of Co2. With a Co2 cloud creator, the user can cover an area twice as quickly as with a normal cryo gun.

The CryoFX dual nozzle gun uses liquid Co2 instead of electricity and can produce two 25′-35′ foot long Co2 streams that are approximately 5′ – 7′ feet wide!

Handheld dual nozzle also comes with quick disconnect fittings already placed on the hose and the cannon. That makes it easy for the user to detach the hose from the Co2 fog cannon.

Additionally, the quick disconnect fittings have closed ends that prevent Co2 from dispersing when the hose is detached under pressure. However, detaching the equipment under pressure is not recommended!

4. Cryo LED Gun

Being used by over 30 of the world’s best 100 DJs and having made special appearances in movies, live touring performances, music videos and special events around the world, the cryo LED gun is a symbolic party cannon throughout the world.

The CryoFX handheld cryo LED gun is the most popular Co2 party cannon on the market. With 8.9 pounds of weight. The equipment is light for DJs and artists to carry around the stage.

On the other hand, the LED cannon does not require electricity to operate. However, the LED light in the white tube requires 8 AA batteries to operate.

The handheld LED Co2 jet also comes with quick disconnect fittings already placed on the hose for easy detachment just like on most of the other models.

The gun can produce a 25′-35′ long stream that is 4 to 5 feet wide, making it ideal for nightclubs, live performances, stage productions, concerts and house parties.

Why choose CryoFX Handheld Co2 cannons?

CryoFX is the world’s most reputable professional Co2 cannon manufacturer. It offers the greatest and most dependable Co2 Canons equipment for stage and events, as well as the entire entertainment business.

CryoFX provides Co2 cannon rental and sales services in the United States. Co2 fog cannon rentals are normally available less than a week before the event. All you have to do is place an order, and CryoFX will manage the rental cannons’ transportation.

Regardless of whether the Co2 party cannon equipment is purchased or rented, CryoFX has a team of qualified experts that are normally sent to all customers’ events.

The CryoFX team of experts can provide advice on any stage, event size, and need for a unique Co2 cannon system that will provide the right amount of smoke and spectacular effects to liven up your event.

The equipment is typically rented and sold at a low cost; despite the sophisticated technology and qualified employees involved.

Verdict – Handheld CO2 Cannons

Handheld Co2 fog or smoke cannons are the latest craze in movies, TV shows, live theater, music concerts, nightclubs, raves, amusement and theme parks, and even video arcades and other similar party and entertainment venues.

Furthermore, you can use these handheld atmospheric special effects machines to create special effects. Also, you can use them to illuminate lights and lighting effects and create a specific mood or party ambiance.

If you want to optimize your advantages while lowering your costs, I highly recommend CryoFX handheld cannons. You’ll have a fantastic chance of lighting up the event and leaving the audience awed and entertained.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add cutting-edge, amazing effects to your event!

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