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From the entertainment industry to the field of medicine, carbon dioxide plays an essential role in our world today. If you can jog your brain to trace back to your high school science classes, you’ll probably remember learning about carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, incombustible gas that is present in atmosphere. While the thought of CO2 might bring on thoughts of harmful emissions; CO2 special effects has had a lasting impact on many different industries.

CO2 Special Effects in the Medical Industry

One of the most innovative uses of CO2 is in the medical industry. Some uses for CO2 in the medical industry are for minimal invasive surgery, clinical or psychological investigations and increasing cerebral blood flow during surgeries. After those in the medical field discovered new uses for CO2, other industries soon caught on.

Entertainment Industry

Concerts, theme parks and many other industries in the field of entertainment have adopted the use of CO2 special effects for their audiences. They are classified by the use of CO2 in order to entertain an audience. CO2 special effects are most popular among those who create stage productions. CO2 Special Effect Manufacturers like CryoFX® build custom co2 jets that blast CO2 out of nozzles to generate cold plumes of fog that dissipate in the air. These CO2 jets are popular at concerts because of the high temperature of the venue; after blasting a cryo gun, the CO2 cools down the area due to its freezing cold temperature.

CO2 Special Effects Company

Lately, even theme parks like Disneyland have been using Co2 special effects for their theatrical shows and rides for their patrons. Some other unlikely places where CO2 special effects have been used are sports events, like NFL games, and haunted houses.

Mechanics of CO2 Special Effects

When it comes to the mechanics of CO2 special effects, there are tons of products to choose from. Huge concert productions often implement mounted cryo jets around the stage and control the CO2 blasts behind a control booth in the arena. These jets are extremely state-of-the-art and can be synchronized with music and lights at an event. With DMX capabilities and tons of customizations available, a mounted CO2 jet can produce outstanding visual special effects.

CO2 special effects products are not only limited to huge productions; mobile DJs and performers can easily create their own CO2 special effects by acquiring a handheld CO2 jet. Cryo guns, the most popular handheld CO2 jets, are portable and only require little setup. Mobile DJs have the ability to to bring a handheld cryo jet to all of their gigs by packing the gun and a tank with their usual setup. The results are outstanding when used in nightclubs and small concert venues.

Event Promoters and Performers

Furthermore, they’re gaining popularity with event promoters and performers because of the ease of use and quick setup. Other special effects that are used for stage productions like pyrotechnics are complicated. Also, they are very dangerous. Beside, they can require hundreds of dollars to meet regulations by law before you can use them. Conversely, CO2 is harmless when you blast it into a crowd. Also, it is cheaper to operate than other types of entertainment special effects.

What’s more, along with the ease of use with CO2 special effects products; these guns and jets create a stunning visual special effect. Depending on the size of the gun or the jet, plumes of CO2 can reach astounding heights, including up to 30 feet in the air. Adding CO2 special effects to any stage production will cool and please the crowd at your venue or show.

CO2 Special Effects Company
The many uses of CO2 cover a lot of ground in today’s world and prove to be gaining demand for all kinds of different industries. Whether it’s in the middle of a surgery or in the middle of a crowd; CO2 is a true benefit to the world. Co2 special effects are extremely natural and reach out to the senses of an audience, creating an unforgettable show and an awesome experience.

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