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CryoFX® Featured at Electronic Fridays at the San Diego County Fair 2015 in Del Mar, CA

Co2 Special Effect Company Featured at Electronic Fridays, San Diego County Fair, in Del Mar California CryoFX® is the leader of Co2 special effect custom and innovative equipment manufacturing. Also, we supply the entertainment industry with the latest in special effects equipment using frozen liquid Co2 suitable for Electronic Fridays.  You can use our theatrical […]

CryoFX® Supplies Custom Special Effects Equipment for Comic-Con 2015

CO2 Special Effects Frozen Smoke Equipment for Sale by CryoFX July 17, 2015 – SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con 2015 was a sensational event that featured four information packed days about; comics, film-making, iconic characters, cartoons, art forms and exhibits. The event was at the San Diego Convention Center; from July 9, 2015 through July 12, 2015. Comic-Con attendees received […]

What is a Co2 Tank Manifold – Full Details

Every kegging system requires a regulator and a CO2 tank. These two are critical elements in your setup, and the co2 manifold allows connection to outputs from the Co2 regulator to the kegs. Individuals who want to experience different pressures per output can use dual output co2 regulators. CO2 tank manifolds also prove helpful in […]

Safety Tips and Proper Usage – CO2 Special Effects Safety

co2 special effects safety

Nothing beats the exhilarating feeling of watching your favorite band or musician emerge on stage behind a massive cloud of rolling smoke. Thousands of cheering fans pump the atmosphere, making the air almost seem electric until finally, your favorite artist emerges amid the thick clouds. Regardless, safety is important when using co2 special effects. At […]

Hand held Cannon – The Type of Handheld Cannon Your Searching For?

After many years of experience with CFX handheld cannons, I think the type you choose should ideally depend on your specific function or preference. Most CFX cannons are built for close-range shooting, while a few are for long-range projectile shoots. There are also semi-automatic and automatic cannons, all of which have different firing rates. Below […]

Food Grade Co2 vs Regular Industrial Co2

Co2 Food Grade vs Regular Industrial Co2 – What Co2 gas Cylinder should I use from my Co2 Supplier? Determining Whether a CO2 Gas Cylinder Is for Food or Industrial Use Filling your CO2 cylinder with food grade Co2 or industrial grade is never just a one-size-fits-all task. Depending on what you’re using the CO2 […]

Co2 Cylinder & Co2 Tank Frequently Asked Questions: Answered

FAQs On CO2 Cylinder & CO2 Tank Safety and Handling Hundreds of industries rely on bulk storage amounts of carbon dioxide. Restaurants, catering companies, breweries, paintball courses, welding supply stores, and indoor plant growers all use CO2 as an integral part of their daily operations. Because CO2 is a regulated gas with strict rules attached, […]

What Are The Different Types of Handheld Co2 Cannons From CryoFX?

CryoFX offers a huge selection of handheld CO2 cannons. Hip hop, disco, ’80s blasts or yacht rock from the past, sometimes you just need to let loose and dance at the best concerts in the world. So, earlier this year, me and my friends attended one of the world-class concerts in Boston; House of Blues! […]

Low-Lying Fog Machines – The Inside Scoop

Fog machines have been a part of concerts, haunted houses, movies, and entertainment in general for over a century. There’s simply nothing that can replicate the aura and mystique of fog. It can elevate a movie set or concert stage into something completely different and other-worldly. This article will discuss the different types of low-lying […]

Cold Sparklers DJ vs Cold Spark Machines

Cold Sparklers

What are the differences between cold sparklers DJ and cold spark machines? Recently, I attended my friend’s wedding. It was quite an intimate garden wedding and I was intrigued by the couple’s efforts. From exquisite food, a serene location, and, to top it all off, a backyard DJ. But the most beautiful thing was the […]