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Liquid Co2 Hose
Liquid CO2 hoses can come in different lengths as CryoFX makes custom lengths.
CryoFX also can put any ends on the hose requested; whether they are US fittings or fittings from another country; such as British, Japanese, Australian, German, or anything else. Some of the fittings requested most RNPT, also known as national pipe thread; CGA-320 CO2 fittings, CGA-540 gas fittings, BSPP; British standard pipe thread parallel, or other CO2 fittings; such as a BS341 No.8 CO2 fitting or a German DIN477 No.6 Co2 fitting.


Hose lengths are stocked per specific length and custom hoses can be made within minutes.


Liquid Co2 Hose vs Gas Co2 Hose

What makes CryoFX hoses unique is they are made for liquid and gas CO2. Because of this they can handle high pressures; up to 2250 psi working pressure and over three times that burst pressure. Although some sellers may claim their hoses can handle higher pressures. This doesn’t matter as CO2 normally only gets up to 900 psi and slightly over on a rare occasion; never coming close to pressures over 2000 PSI.


Bubbles Appearing on Your Co2 Hoses? Here’s Why!

The key component about these hoses is the inner tubing; polyester tubing, and the outer layers of polyurethane. The outer layers are treated with a specific pricking so they will not capture gases and explode; as other houses that do not contain this combination of build and treatment; will gain bubbles of gas. When these bubbles explode are very dangerous; since they are high-pressure upwards of 700 to 800 psi.


When one of these bubbles bursts it sounds louder than a 12 gauge shotgun going off next to your ear; the sound is very deafening and very dangerous to be around, therefore having the proper hose is crucial.


Smells Coming From Your Co2 Hose? Here’s Why!

Another characteristic specific to CryoFX Hose is they do not contain a smell during use as other hoses do. Most hoses used for special effects purposes or cryo use that are not intended for this use will either smell bad with the discharge, like burnt rubber or other worse smells, or they have the potential to freeze, and crack, or burst, and at this point becomes very dangerous as liquid or gas Will inadvertently be released.


CryoFX CO2 hoses Allow for a good bend radius, light footprint, and sleek look.

Good bend radius allows for projects that require tight spaces or turns where fittings should not be used or a single hose is desired. Keep point with this is any 90° fitting junction in a liquid CO2 line alone indirectly adds another 30 to 40 feet of length due to the restriction and flow. Therefore having a tight bend radius to avoid a 90° turn is crucial in applications that pressure and flow matter.
Light footprint is another signature of a CryoFX hose. This is crucial in applications that use many runs or are limited with weight. Depending an application every pound counts therefore any pound saved is relief and beneficial, so why not start with the hose. A perfect sample of this was a specific project with Disney we there were (36) 1000 foot hose runs which were demanded due to project requirements. There was a low weight restriction and CryoFX Hose was selected due to its weight, or lack thereof, to stay within weight limits of the project.


Sleek look is another component of CryoFX Hose. With the “out of sight out of mind“ phrase in mind the hose comes sleek black and out of sight when mounted in areas not to be seen.
Most importantly CryoFX hose is manufactured start to finish within the US. Therefore there is no risk in having a faulty hose, broken fittings, or any other problems that normally occur with hoses that are not manufactured by the seller or worse, imported from other countries.


How A Hose is Used

Uses for CryoFX hoses range from production, to special effects, to normal gas to use, to night clubs, to kegs and general use, and also custom applications. furthermore these houses can be used to fill paintball CO2 bottles, transfer CO2 or liquid CO2 between tanks, and are also able to be used with low pressure liquid applications as well.
If your application requires other types of hoses which are more robust such as hoses that contain steel braided covering, stainless steel ribbed covering, cryo-genic compressed gas steel braided hoses, or liquid nitrogen type hoses CryoFX also offers these as well.

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