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Co2 High Pressure Hoses - Details Surrounding This Style of Flexible High Pressure Carbon Dioxide Hose

CryoFX offers branded CO2 tank hoses that are compatible with all CO2 jets by CryoFX. The hoses are offered in different lengths, as per your needs. Due to the lightweight and durable nature of CryoFX’s CO2 tank hose, it is considered as the industry standard for Liquid Co2 use as a CO2 Cryo Hoses. CryoFX custom makes Liquid CO2 hoses of different lengths, same day in their local USA warehouse.

Sourcing the CO2 high-pressure hoses from CryoFX allows you the liberty to request the types of ends and fittings on the hose. Whether you prefer British fitting, German fitting, US fitting, Australian fitting or fittings from any other country, make, style or type like CGA-320 CO2 fittings, BSPP, national pipe thread, British standard pipe thread parallel, BS341 No.8 CO2 fitting or a German DIN477 No.6 Co2 fitting, CryoFX will not only meet your needs, but exceed them! CryoFX stocks the high pressure liquid CO2 hoses as per their specific pre-cut common lengths and also builds custom size hoses in minutes after an order has been made, should the order call for a length they don’t have readily available on the shelf. This is attributed to the fact that the hoses are built in house, which of course, means “Made in USA”.

While prices vary by size and fittings as well as other factors, CryoFX assures its clients of the best prices of all the CO2 and special effects products for the warranty and durability it offers alongside the hoses. This is due in part by CryoFX accepting orders globally and distributors nationally.

Apart from the hoses, CryoFX offers the one of the largest selection of CO2 cylinders in terms of variety, as well as competitive pricing, compared to its competitors. CryoFX refills all types and sizes of CO2 cylinders across country offering delivery and pick up service as well. CryoFX services are customer focused to ensure client satisfaction is at its best.

High Pressure Liquid Co2 Hose

CryoFX high-pressure liquid CO2 hose has the capacity to hold high pressure of over 2250psi and designed for transporting low temperature Co2. CryoFX high-pressure liquid Co2 hose is black in appearance so it blends in with blackout ceilings, nightclubs, or areas where it shouldn’t be seen. This hose has a special treatment, which ensures that the hose does not explode and the outer layer, also known as the jacket, does not bubble up. Other hoses without this treatment and design aspect will bubble, burst, and will cause an extreme safety hazard and injury.

CryoFX has proven to be the most preferred CO2 effects supplier, hence their name, CryoFX (Cryo Effects). Liquid Co2 Hoses as well as CO2 equipment and CO2 supplies are easy to order from CryoFX online store.

Liquid Co2 Hose Price

The CO2 cannon hose pricing is priced per foot. The CryoFX CO2 hose comes standard with 3/8” NPT crimped fittings on each end unless otherwise selected. There is normally a base charge, which is applied for hose assembly i.e., and additional amounts for each end, priced according to the type and style of fitting on the end. This allows the customers to “build their own Co2 hoses online”. This is shown on the first selection option for “USA NPT (national pipe thread) 3/8” Male fitting” in drop down selections. The National pipe thread is used within the USA, Canada, and South America Canada. The one used in European union and all other surrounding continents other than China, Korea Japan is known as British Standard Pipe Thread parallel (BSPP). It is advisable to always check the local fitting names for confirmation. Send your enquiries to [email protected] should you have any specific questions.

Co2 Tanks Hoses

CryoFX branded CO2 tank hoses are compatible with all CryoFX CO2 jets. These hoses can be purchased as per your preferred length. The CryoFX flexible high pressure CO2 hose is the standard for Co2 Cryo hoses. This feature is attributed to the hoses’ lightweight, flexibility and durability.

CryoFX offers CO2 tank hoses for special effects as well as other applications such as medical marijuana and brewing applications.

The CryoFX CO2 tank hose has the capacity to hold very high pressure to meet demanding conditions of cryogenics and cold temperatures. Although this said, when choosing a cryogenics hose for Liquid Nitrogen, this would not be the style of Liquid Cryo Hose to use, as CryoFX manufacturers other styles of hoses specifically for LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen), whether stainless steel or vacuum jacketed. Contact CryoFX for more information on these styles of hoses.

When purchasing or replacing a CO2 hose, inform your supplier to provide you with the hose that is compatible with your CO2 jet (s) and one that can withstand high pressure and low temperatures.


Characteristics of the CryoFX Liquid Co2 Hoses

  • Safe to use

The CO2 high pressure hoses comprise of the polyester tubing, the inner tubing and the outer layers of polyurethane. The specific pricking used to treat the outer layers of the hoses prevents explosion since the hoses do not capture gases. The other hoses whose outer layers do not contain this feature are subject to explosion when they gain the bubbles of the CO2 gas “sweating” from the hose. Should the hose you have which is not a CryoFX brand liquid co2 hose, or “other than CryoFX liquid Co2 hose” start to bubble along the outside, it is extremely dangerous and DO NOT POP IT! If the bubbles burst, it produces extremely loud sounds that are louder than a 12 gauge shotgun going off next to your ear. This could rupture your eardrum and should not be taken lightly. The explosion sound is very deafening and very dangerous to be around. Therefore it is very crucial to have the proper hose fit for high pressure.

  • Allows for a good bend radius

The flexible high pressure CO2 hoses allow for a good bend radius, light footprint and a sleek look. Good bend radius allows for projects that require tight spaces or turns where fittings should not be used or a single hose is desired. Any 90 degrees fitting junction in a liquid CO2 line alone indirectly adds another 30 to 40 feet of length to the hose, theoretically, due to the restriction and flow. It is therefore necessary to have a tight bend radius to avoid a 90° turn is in applications that pressure and flow matter.

  • No emission of bad smell

Unlike other hoses, the CryoFX liquid CO2 hose does not emit any smell during use. Most hoses used for the purpose of achieving special effects or Cryo use that are not intended for this use will either emit a bad smell with the discharge, similar to the smell of burnt rubber or other worse smells. These other hoses also have the potential to freeze and crack. They also can burst and at this point they are very dangerous as liquid or gas CO2 will inadvertently be released. The CryoFX liquid CO2 hose is environmental friendly, as it doesn’t emit any bad smell when used, and subsequently will not have your venue or area smelling bad.

  • Suitability for both liquid and gas CO2

The high pressure liquid CO2 hoses with many layers manufactured by CryoFX are unique because they are suitable for both liquid and gas CO2. This enables the hoses to withstand high pressures of up to 2250 psi working pressure and over three times that burst pressure. CO2 used normally only reaches 900 psi and rarely slightly over. CO2 never comes close to pressures over 2000 PSI.

  • Light footprint

Another characteristic of the CryoFX CO2 high pressure hose is light footprint. This is mostly crucial in applications that use many runs or have weight limitations. Based on the application, every weight counts, therefore any weight that is saved is a relief and beneficial to the hose. A perfect example of this was the project with Disney we there were (36) 1000 foot hose runs which were demanded due to project requirements. There was a low weight restriction and CryoFX high pressure liquid CO2 hose was selected due to its weight to stay within weight limits of the project.

  • Sleek look

A sleek look is another component of the CryoFX flexible high pressure CO2 hose. The CO2 hoses by CryoFX come in sleek black appearance and are out of sight when mounted in areas not to be seen. The concept of the “out of sight out of mind “phrase has been well applied here.

  • Efficiency guarantee

The CryoFX replacement CO2 hoses are manufactured in house from the start to finish within the US. There is therefore no risk of having broken fittings, a faulty CO2 hose, or any other problems that normally occur with hoses that are not manufactured by the seller or the ones which are imported from other countries.

CryoFX has proven to be the most preferred CO2 supplier. High pressure Co2 hoses, CO2 equipment and CO2 supplies are easy to order from CryoFX.com or by calling 1.855.527.9639 (1.855.5CRYOFX).

All enquiries about orders may be made via CryoFX’s online order form or by phone. Call any of their representatives on (619) 855- 2796 or visit www.cryofx.com for more information. Note: In most cases, Co2 hoses are made to order same day in house, of course workload, order size, and other factors are taken into account.

General uses of CryoFX High Pressure Liquid Co2 Hoses

The applications of the branded CryoFX flexible high pressure CO2 hoses for special effects vary from; production, special effects, normal gas to use, night clubs, kegs, medical marijuana and brewing applications and general use as well as custom applications. The CryoFX Co2 hoses can be used to fill paintball CO2 bottles, transfer CO2 or liquid CO2 between tanks and they also can be used with low-pressure liquid applications as well.

If your application requires other types of CO2 high pressure hoses which are more robust such as hoses that contain steel braided covering, stainless steel ribbed covering, Cryo-genic compressed gas steel braided hoses, or liquid nitrogen type hoses CryoFX also offers these as well.




When it comes to handling liquid CO2, safety should always be the top priority. That's why it's important to use a high-quality, reliable hose that can handle the high pressures and low temperatures associated with liquid CO2 transfer. The High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose, also known as a CO2 delivery hose, CO2 dispensing hose, or cryogenic hose for liquid CO2, is a flexible and durable solution that's designed to meet these demanding requirements.


One of the key features of a High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose is its ability to withstand the extreme pressures that are typically involved in transferring liquid CO2. These hoses are often rated for pressures of up to 5,000 psi or more, which is necessary to ensure that the liquid CO2 can be delivered safely and efficiently. Additionally, the hose is designed to handle the low temperatures that are associated with liquid CO2, which can reach as low as -109.3°F (-78.5°C). This means that the hose must be made from materials that can remain flexible even at these extremely low temperatures, such as certain types of plastics and rubbers.


Another important aspect of a High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose is its flexibility. Because the hose needs to be able to maneuver around corners and obstacles, it must be able to bend and twist without kinking or breaking. This is especially important when the hose is being used in tight spaces or when it needs to be run over a long distance. A braided liquid CO2 hose is often used for this purpose, as it provides extra reinforcement and durability while still remaining flexible.


When selecting a High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose, it's also important to consider the type of fittings that will be used to connect the hose to the rest of the system. The fittings should be made from materials that are compatible with liquid CO2 and that can withstand the high pressures involved in the transfer process. Stainless steel is often used for this purpose, as it provides a high level of strength and durability while also being resistant to corrosion.


In addition to the above factors, it's important to choose a High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose that is rated for the specific application in which it will be used. For example, a heavy duty liquid CO2 hose may be required for industrial applications that involve large volumes of liquid CO2 or that require the hose to be run over a long distance. Alternatively, a smaller and more flexible CO2 transfer line may be suitable for smaller-scale applications or for use in confined spaces.


Overall, a High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose is an essential component of any system that involves the transfer or dispensing of liquid CO2. By selecting a high-quality hose that's designed to meet the specific requirements of the application, you can ensure that the transfer process is safe, efficient, and reliable. Whether you're working in an industrial setting or simply need to transfer liquid CO2 for personal use, a properly selected and installed High Pressure Liquid CO2 hose is an investment in safety and peace of mind.