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CryoFX LLC • 3859 S Valley View Blvd, Suite 2, Las Vegas, NV 89103 • 1.855.527.9639

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The various purposes of 35 Pound co2 tank

Optimizes Special Effects

In the entertainment field, CO2 is quite popular since it is fast and effective in disappearing during stage programs. It doesn’t conceal the shows on the stage. For big matches, club celebrations, live shows in massive locations, TV, and theater, CO2 jets are part of most climatic periods. CryoFX guarantees extended periods of fun and excitement with the 35 Pound Co2 Tank. In order to achieve the best outcomes from the 35 Pound Co2 Tank, make sure you are using the appropriate fitting together with the 35 Pound Co2 Cylinder for smoke machines, cry jets, handheld cryo guns, confetti cannons, and much more.

Used for Supercritical Extraction

Throughout the respective processes of caffeine, tarpenes and other related complex compounds, Supercritical Co2 is utilized. Manufacturers of aromatic oil, E-cigarette oil, and scents commonly utilize Supercritical carbon dioxide since it is not harmful to the body and surroundings and it's also budget-friendly. CO2 extraction is one good method to keep the flavor of coffee beans when getting rid of caffeine. This has become a much better decaffeinating option than the process of Swiss Water, which works to soak up both caffeine and the flavor, and then return the flavor later on.

Makes Top Quality Medical Cannabis

Utilizing supercritical carbon dioxide in butane-based extract procedures, producers could ensure high quality medical cannabis extracts processed securely. Utilizing CO2 ensures the finest taste of medical cannabis products. This approach was once unsure but today, supercritical extraction is one of the best methods to create concentrates from standard quality medical cannabis. The minimal surface tension of the superficial fluid enables it to dissipate like a gas into cannabis trichomes, and to liquefy oils effortlessly. It has been proven that there's a 20% rise in the cannabis production when it is separated in regulated Co2 levels utilizing a timer and regulated 35 Pound Co2 tank. With CO2 extractions, concentrates possess efficiency and top quality flavor. The production of vape pens typically makes use of CO2 oil rather than Butane Hash Oil since it has less gluey attribute because of minimal terpenes content.

Ideal for Starting a Beer Brewing Business

Many people who like home brewing have made a company from it. Obviously, greater tanks come with the need for more products. Hop oil could be extracted using Supercritical Co2. There's more time for setting up business ideas when a lot more kegs are loaded using 35 Pound Co2 Cylinder.

Controlling Swimming Pools pH levels

Swimming pools and spas typically utilize Co2 to regulate pH since it is not only non-corrosive but also non-toxic. Salt systems specifically will benefit from CO2, assisting to restrain sodium hydroxide buildup. Co2 do not become corrosive when dissolved in water. It simply turns into carbonic acid that won't ruin important components like brass fittings. A Co2 system with a 35 Pound Co2 cyliner can regulate pH consistently and more effectively.

Carbonation and beverage dispensing

Soda machine refilling business sounds like a lot of work but it absolutely becomes simpler when you utilize the 35 Pound Co2 Tank. For moving draft beer, the 35 Pound Co2 cylinders allow you to refill more infrequently because it possesses a capacity of few more kegs.

Utilized for Simplifying Welding Methods

The 35 pound Co2 cylinder is adaptable, can be easily utilized with MIG welders, and is recommended for flux core dual shield wire. Its versatility allows mobile welding equipment to work nicely with heavy metals, even rusted ones. Co2 should be used in heavy metal welding by every welder like those who do it for recreation and those who do it for work. Professional and amateur welders will find Co2 ideal for welding heavy tainted metals. Protecting one’s self from high temperatures is essential, which is where the Co2 enters the picture as a low-cost and effective gas for safety.




Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a crucial gas for various industrial and recreational applications, from beverage dispensing to plant growth. To store and transport CO2 safely and efficiently, a 35 pound CO2 tank has become a popular option for many businesses and individuals. In this article, we will explore the various uses of a 35 pound CO2 tank and its benefits.


First and foremost, the 35 pound CO2 tank is a staple for beverage dispensing. Whether you're a bar owner or a homebrew enthusiast, having a reliable CO2 source is crucial for dispensing carbonated beverages like beer, soda, and sparkling water. A 35 pound CO2 tank for beverage dispensing is a cost-effective and practical solution for those who require a steady supply of CO2. These tanks are usually made of high-quality steel and are refillable, making them a more sustainable option than disposable CO2 canisters.


Another popular use for a 35 pound CO2 tank is for kegerators. A kegerator is a refrigeration unit that keeps kegs of beer at the perfect temperature and pressure for serving. A 35 pound CO2 tank for kegerators is essential for maintaining the correct pressure and carbonation level of the beer. Having a large CO2 tank means less frequent refilling, reducing downtime and expenses.


Aquariums and hydroponics are two other applications where a 35 pound CO2 tank is commonly used. CO2 is essential for aquatic plants to grow, and a steady supply of CO2 helps maintain healthy water conditions for fish and other aquatic creatures. Similarly, hydroponic systems rely on CO2 for plant growth, and a 35 pound CO2 tank for hydroponics ensures that plants receive an adequate supply of CO2 throughout their growth cycle.


A portable 35 pound CO2 tank is also an excellent option for those who require a mobile CO2 source. These tanks are relatively lightweight and come with handles or wheels for easy transportation. They are commonly used in food trucks, outdoor events, and other locations where CO2 is needed but a stationary tank is not practical.


When it comes to industrial applications, a 35 pound CO2 tank is a useful tool for many processes. For example, CO2 is used in welding and cutting operations, and a 35 pound steel CO2 tank provides a reliable source of gas for these applications. Similarly, CO2 is used in fire suppression systems and for oil and gas extraction, making a 35 pound CO2 tank for industrial use a crucial component in many industries.


Last but not least, a 35 pound CO2 tank is also an excellent option for those who are interested in plant growth. CO2 supplementation can significantly enhance plant growth and increase yields, making it a popular option among indoor gardeners and growers. A 35 pound CO2 tank for plant growth provides a reliable and cost-effective source of CO2 that can help boost plant growth and improve overall plant health.


In conclusion, a 35 pound CO2 tank is a versatile and reliable source of CO2 for various applications, from beverage dispensing to plant growth. These tanks are available in refillable and portable options, making them a sustainable and practical solution for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you're looking for a CO2 source for your kegerator or hydroponic system, or you need a reliable source of gas for your industrial processes, a 35 pound CO2 tank is an excellent choice that can provide you with a steady supply of CO2 for years to come.