Looking to go all out at your next event? CryoFX® packages include the best of the best, including Co2 guns, Co2 backpacks and a CryoFX® Co2 tanks to name a few. Our packages are designed for quick picks and fast selections of some of the most commonly bought Co2 Cannons and accessories purchased together.



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  1. Cryo Gun + CO2 Backpack

    CryoFX Cryo Gun + CO2 Backpack, one of CryoFX best selling packages, is the perfect addition to any DJ system or mobile production. Have complete flexibility and maneuverability with CryoFX Cryo Gun. No limits on distance and no tripping on hoses! Having a combined weight of only 10 pounds (4.53Kg), this Cryo Gun and Co2 Backpack package is extremely lightweight and has the ability to be used almost anywhere.

        CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  2. Cryo Gun + CO2 Backpack + Tank

    CryoFX Cryo Gun FULL Complete Set with EVERYTHING you need to have a mobile Cryo System! This is as Plug & Play as it gets, and as mobile as it gets at that! Simply get the tank filled with Co2 locally and your ready to shoot Cryo within minutes! This is the most sought after CryoFX package on the market!

        CryoFX® offers Lifetime Warranty on all CO2 FX Products and Equipment

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  3. Co2 Backpack+5lb Tank Package
    Co2 Backpack+5lb Tank Package
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    This is the CO2 Cylinder Backpack+5lb Tank package which allows you to go mobile with your airbrush system, or any type system that uses Co2 in small amounts. Designed to hold an Aluminum 5 or 10, this Co2 Backpack+5lb Tank package allows you to go anywhere without limitations...and without tripping over a Co2 Hose!

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