Co2 Cryo Accessories

Accessories offered by CryoFX® ensure that you don’t have to look elsewhere for any additions or items, which may need to be replenished, such as Co2 Washers. Whether a Co2 Tank Splitter, a Co2 Tank Tool, or additional options for adding more jets to one tank or more tanks to one jet, CryoFX® accessories will have you covered.


  • CO2 Backpack
  • Co2 Fitting Tool
  • Co2 Fitting Washers (USA)
  • Co2 Fitting Washers (NON-USA)
  •  Co2 Tank Splitter (2-Way)
  •  Co2 Tank Splitter (3-Way)
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  • 4 Co2 Tank to 1 Jet Setup
  • 4 Co2 Tank to 2 Jet Setup
  • CryoFX Co2 Manifolds
  • Co2 Dewar Adapter
  • CryoFX® High Output Co2 Valve Jet