Co2 Tanks - Cylinders

CO2 Tanks also known as Co2 Cylinders

CryoFX® Co2 tanks or Co2 Cryo cylinders are a necessity for all your Co2 Stage Equipment. These CO2  tanks or Co2 Cylinders can be purchased in either steel or aluminum and can include siphon tubes or not. If you're looking for a CO2 Tank or Co2 Cylinder big or small, we have them all, including the following sizes in aluminum: 20lb Co2 Tank, 35lb Co2 Tank, 50lb Co2 Tank and the same in steel with the addition of: 75 lb Co2 Tank, 100 lb Co2 Tank, 135 lb Co2 Tank and more.


  • 20lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 20lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 35lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 50lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 75lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)
  • 100lb Co2 Tank (Siphon)
  • 135lb Co2 Tank (Siphon)
  • 35lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 50lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 75lb Steel Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 100lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)
  • 135lb Co2 Tank (Non Siphon)