50lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)

This 50lb Aluminum Co2 Tank with Siphon Tube is perfect for use with Co2 Cannons and Handheld Cryo Guns. Weighing roughly 99lbs full, this tank is still easy to move when a dolly is not present. This tank does include a siphon tube (also called a Dip Tube or Eductor Tube). This 50lb tank has a limit of roughly 1 minute 25 seconds of liquid Co2 supply.

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Description / 50lb Co2 Tank (Siphon Tube)

The CryoFX® 50lb Aluminum Co2 Tank also known as co2 Cylinder comes with a siphon tube inside. This 50 pound co2 tank is perfect for small productions and is lightweight enough for easy transport. If you want to have mobile co2 special effect equipment and use this equipment without large bulky tanks, this Co2 Tank is perfect for all your mobile co2 special smoke effect needs. The 50lb Tank will last you for about a minute and 15 seconds of white co2 special effects. The Co2 Tank weighs roughly 99lbs full, this tank is still easy to move when a dolly is not present. This tank does include a siphon tube (also called a Dip Tube or Eductor Tube). For liquid use, such as with CryoFX® Co2 Jets, you do not have to turn it upside down. This 50lb tank has a limit of roughly 1:25 seconds of liquid Co2 supply and thus will give you about 25 bursts of 4 to 5 seconds of theatrical smoke plumes of special effect each.

The reason different times are given is the actual run time of the tank varies on ambient temperature, whereas the hotter the temp the less liquid more gas higher pressure. The cooler the temp, the more liquid the less pressure. More liquid measn more usage run time!


CO2 Tank Product Description:

CryoFX® Premium aluminum 50 lb CO2 cylinder with siphon tube. See store for Siphoned Co2 Tanks.

Details about this 50lb CO2 cylinder:

  • Siphon tube included
  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Thick, damage-resistant walls
  • Aluminum’s natural corrosion resistance is perfect for CO2 and wet gases
  • Tank exterior is brushed – good-looking and easy to maintain
  • Aluminum tanks are up to 40% lighter than steel
  • Single handle for easy carrying
  • Date of manufacture or hydro test within 180 days
  • Tank performs very well at low temperatures
  • Ships empty
  • DOT- and TC-approved
  • Consistent TARE weight cylinder-to-cylinder
  • Due to size and weight, this 50 lb CO2 cylinder must ship by itself – separate shipping will appear at checkout.


CO2 Special Effect Tanks or Co2 Cylinders 50lbs

50lb Aluminum Co2 Tank, with Siphon Tube. The 50lb Co2 Tank with Siphon Tube can be used for any application requiring Co2 within North / South America and Canada. More specifically, any region which uses a CGA320 style Co2 Valve. This size tank is the standard for nightclubs, productions, and more, and is the most common of tanks chosen before moving to oversized options. What is uncomon is the material makeup, as normally 50lb Co2 cylinders come in Steel weighing outrageous amounts empty and full. Empty this Aluminum 50lb Co2 Tank weighs roughly 49lbs and full, right around 99lbs. This tank does include a siphon tube, therefore when used in its upright position, it will disperse Co2 in it's Liquid form.


Uses for a 50 lb Co2 Siphon Tank

There are many uses for a Co2 Siphon Tank in general, however when discussing a 50 lb Siphon Co2 Tank, some are more focused to uses that require liquid co2. reason being, this specific co2 tank has whats called a siphon tube, other known as a siphon tank.

You may ask:  What is a siphon tube in a Co2 tank? A siphon tube is a tube that drops down the center of the tank and ends just above the bottom, cut with a 45 degree angle, and is attached to the co2 valve at the top. The use is to draw the liquid co2 up and out the valve versus the gas, since a co2 tanks when full has about 2/3 liquid and 1/3 gas in it. The liquid, as pressure releases or the gas is used, converts to more gas within the tank. 


Other Names for a Siphon Tube Tank:

  • Co2 Siphon Tank
  • Siphon Co2 Tank
  • Siphon Tank
  • Co2 Tank With Siphon Tube
  • Co2 Syphon Tank
  • Dip Tube Co2 Tank
  • Eductor Tube Tank
  • Siphon Co2 Cylinder

Now some of these may seem the same or similar, and they mean the same thing, but the spelling is different, such as "Co2 Syphon Tank" versus "Co2 Siphon Tank" whereas the word Siphon / Syphon is spelled different. Other words for siphon co2 cylinder / syphon co2 tank are "Eductor Tube" or "Dip Tube Co2 Tank" which are other industry names for the same type of tank, as they all mean the same thing: A tube inside the tank that sucks up the liquid co2!

If you're still having a hard time imagining this, lets make it simple... think: Straw in a soda cup! When the straw is in the cup and you squeeze, soda comes out everywhere. Remove the straw, squeeze the cup, only air (from the top) comes out. Same concept.


Other Names of this specific 50lb Siphon Co2 Tank:

  • 50 lb Siphon Co2 Tank
  • 50lb Syphon Co2 Tank
  • 50lb Co2 Tank with Siphon Tube
  • 50lb Eductor Tank Co2
  • 50 pound co2 tank with siphon tube
  • 50 pound siphon co2 tank
  • 50lb Siphon Co2 Cylinder
  • 50 pound siphon co2 cylinder
  • 50lb dip tube co2 tank
  • ...okay you get the point!


How do you tell if a Co2 Tank has a siphon tube?

Simply put, you don't visually! The Siphon Tube is inside so unless you unscrew the valve you won't know visually (DO NOT DO THIS!!!). You can find out if the tank is full, secured to something with a strap, and you open the valve while holding the tank. If a large qhite cloud comes out the dip tube is installed. If small or no white cloud comes out, no siphon tube installed. Important: This is variant on temperature and humidity. 

What does this mean? Example: Using same situation above, same tank, same locations, Las Vegas vs San Diego:

Las Vegas at 95F temp and 5% humidity: With siphon tube inside the tank the output will look like it has no siphon tube as the variance is minimal since no humidty and high temp.

San Diego at 65F temp with 70% humidity: With a siphon tube installed you will see HUGE difference between siphon/no siphon tube on the co2 tank as the output is quite different.


Uses for a 50 lb co2 tank with a Siphon Tube:

There are many uses for a siphon tube co2 tank, specifically the 50lb size, regardless whether aluminum or steel. Some of the uses are:

  • Co2 Special Effects
  • Welding with or without mixed gas
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Glass and Microscope Cleaning
  • Extermination Services to fight against bed bugs
  • Medical Labs / BIO for Freezing Tissues and Other Organic Matter
  • Extraction and Supercritical Extraction Processes
  • Oil Industry: Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Cryotherapy and Co2 Laser for Medical
  • Production of Wine
  • Refrigerant Known As: R744
  • Many More!


Co2 Tank Sizes Including the 50lb Co2 Cylinder Size

Note, these co2 cylinder sizes and co2 tank dimensions listed below are standard for most aluminum co2 cylinders.
These may vary depending on manufacturer and build. If your looking for steel co2 tank sizes, we have that information available at 




50lb Co2 Tank Refill Cost

When searching for a co2 tank refill cost or co2 tank refill near me, these are two queries that greatly depend on many factors. We go into great detail on that on this page titled: Co2 Tank Refill Cost

For specific information on a 50lb Co2 Tank Refill Cost

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Updated: 6/28/22

More Information

Weight (kgs) 24
Model 50lb Siphon Aluminum CO2 Cylinder Tank
Length No
Height No
Width No
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height 47 Inches (119.38cm)
Tank Width 8 inches (20.32cm)
Tank Weight No
Tank Material Aluminum
Tank Color Aluminum-Grey
Tank Style Siphon - Includes Dip Tube
Tank Capacity 50lbs
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation CGA-320 USA
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Warranty No
Warranty (Tank) 15 Day - Operational Defect
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