Life in Color

Life in Color

The production teams at Life in Color contacted CryoFX®  to form a partnership for special effects resourcing. This partnership lasted more than one year. 

Throughout that time, CryoFX® team members continually supplied CO2 jets, and liquid CO2 hoses. Team members also provided delivery and service for CO2 tanks, including 50 lb siphon CO2 tanks. Additionally, CryoFX® technicians were called upon to set up and install other special effects on multiple occasions with complete satisfaction on the part of the client. 

Life in Color is an American-based electronic dance music (EDM) events company. They are known for their “paint party” Life in Color concert tours which includes EDM music and buckets of spray paint thrown at attendees making it the self-proclaimed “world’s largest paint party.” 

Life in Color is making its comeback in the fall of 2022 with a new “paint party” festival in Vancouver called “Kingdom.” 


Life in Color


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