CryoFX® has been contacted multiple times by Paramount in an ongoing relationship for special effects sourcing and consulting and design servicing. 

CryoFX® team members provided full consultations on design for specific Paramount television shows, movies, and other relevant activations that are currently under a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). 

CryoFX® technicians also supplied Paramount with special-effects equipment for multiple projects. The equipment included DMX CO2 canons, electric confetti cannons, CO2 jets, liquid CO2 hoses, cold spark machines, and low-line fog machines. 

Paramount is an entertainment and broadcasting company based in the United States but found across the globe. It first started as Paramount Pictures Corporation in 1914. In 1928, Paramount founded CBS as its first separate broadcasting entity and has continued to grow from there. 

Paramount owns countless studios, networks, streaming services, live event companies, merchandise manufacturers, and much more. Its studios cross every genre and format reaching more than 4 billion people in over 180 countries. 


The Studios at Paramount

5555 Melrose Avenue

Hollywood, CA 90038


For more info on CryoFX® projects, please see https://CryoFX.com/portfolio

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