CryoFX® was contacted by management at Popsicle to form a working relationship for special effects sourcing. 

CryoFX® team members worked directly with Popsicle to provide special effects on multiple occasions for corporate parties, live events, and Popsicle-hosted fundraisers. 

In 1905, the first Popsicle® ice pop was invented by an 11-year–old kid, Frank Epperson, entirely by accident. He left a soda cup outside with a stirring stick and out came a Popsicle. He then began sharing his inventions with kids at school, which soon became a hit. 

Now Popsicle® is a huge corporation with sales across the United States in places like Target, Walmart, and others. The company offers multiple fruit flavors, character pops, and fudgesicles.




For more info on CryoFX® projects, please see https://CryoFX.com/portfolio

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