RMD Group

RMD Group

CryoFX® was contacted by Larry Entwistle at RMD Group to form a partnership for consulting and design services. CryoFX® specialists were also contracted by the group for special effects sourcing. 

CryoFX® team members were able to provide RMD with full inflation services of special effects to multiple venues operated by the group in the San Diego area. This included DMX 512 CO2 jets, handheld CO2 cannons, and other customized CO2 effects. CryoFX® technicians additionally supplied gas delivery services for 50lb CO2 tanks and 20lb CO2 tanks. 

The RMD Group is a hospitality company founded in 2009. They specialize in developing and managing event venues. Focusing on bringing the best to their clients, RMD has partnerships with developers, creatives, and artists all over the world. 


RMD Group

614 5th Ave Suite A

San Diego, California 92101


For more info on CryoFX® projects, please see https://CryoFX.com/portfolio

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