San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

CryoFX® was contacted directly by the development from San Diego Zoo to form a working relationship for special effect sourcing.

CryoFX® team members worked directly with the Zoo to provide specific systems and products. This included CO2 and liquid nitrogen cryogenic products and apparatuses. These were used to freeze tissue and to meet specific needs and requirements by the Zoo management that were undisclosed to CryoFX®.

CryoFX® technicians also supplied Liquid Nitrogen Hoses for specific internal uses under a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). This may have included tissue sample lien, freezing tissues, and other types of medical operations within the park.

The San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance operates two world-class parks, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. There are over 12,000 rare and endangered animals at the 100-acre San Diego Zoo, representing over 650 species and subspecies. 

As a pioneer in global conservation efforts over the past 106 years, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance has conceptualized, developed, and honed its unique set of skills and strengths.


San Diego Zoo

2920 Zoo Dr, 

San Diego, CA 92101


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