Viacom Media Network

Viacom Media Network

CryoFX® has worked with Viacom on more than one occasion to provide consulting and design services. CryoFX® team members also provided special effects for specific events in different areas. 

CryoFX® is regarded by Viacom as an expert in this field and therefore was contacted by this company for the direction in planning of these CO2 special effects.

Viacom Media Network was established in 2005. It controlled almost 170 networks and boasted over 700 million viewers in more than 150 nations around the world. In 2019, Viacom merged with CBS Corporation and was subsequently subsumed into Paramount Global. 


Viacom Media Networks

1515 Broadway 

New York, NY 10003 



For more info on CryoFX® projects, please see https://CryoFX.com/portfolio

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