Whet Travel

Whet Travel

CryoFX®  was contacted by the founders of Whet Travel and the developers of its group cruises on multiple occasions to provide full-scope services. This included operation, set up, strike, delivery, consultations, and design services.

CryoFX® team members also provided on-site facilitation and monitoring of the special effects during Whet Travel boat parties and other events. Special effects included but were not limited to cold spark machines, CO2 jets, health CO2 cannons, confetti machines, low-lying fog machines, haze machines, and more.

Whet Travel is a specialty cruise operating company focusing on music, themed, and corporate cruises. They are sponsored by Red Bull, AbinBev, Bacardi, Carnival, Bud Light, Corona, and Celebrity X Cruises. The company was ranked by INC. as the 4th fastest-growing travel company in the United States.

Whet Travel also hosts the Whet Foundation which is a Flordia located 501c3 charitable organization. The foundation seeks to equip future leaders to make a difference in their communities through initiatives and programs centered on positivity. 


Whet Travel



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