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A C02 Cannon can be either a Handheld C02 Blaster or a Stage Mounted Cryo Blaster.

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CryoFX C02 Blasters have appeared in numerous productions, events, and nightclubs. Whether you need one or more, picking the right Cryo Blaster for your event is key.

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Why choose a C02 Blaster, and How To Operate a Cryo Blaster!

Consumers of CO2 such as the entertainment, medical, beverage among others can opt to buy or rent the CO2 equipment. The C02 blaster is offered for sale and for rental services. The CO2 Canon rental gives you an opportunity to first try out the product as you decide whether to keep renting, purchasing or rent to own.

The C02 blaster is another word for co2 cannon. It is used in special effects, movies, commercials by police departments for K9 stunning when raiding a house among other uses.

CryoFX® is a global and most recommended supplier of CO2 equipment and CO2 special effects products. However, CryoFX® does not have a specific label gun called a c02 blaster.

The plug and play handheld c02 blaster with light to light up co2 clouds includes hose, fittings as well as co2 fitting ready to use after connecting to a co2 tank.

The full co2 tank blaster comes with the following;

  • The C02 blaster with attached quick disconnect fitting
  • Brass fitting that is used to connect the hose to the tank. Note that the tank is not included in this package.
  • Manual, FAQ (Frequently asked questions)and safety guidelines
  • A one year warranty against mechanical and operational defects.
  • A ten foot long high pressure hose with attached quick disconnect fitting. The lengths can be customized as per your request.

Both the Hose and c02 blaster have quick disconnect fittings which are pre-installed for easy disconnect of the hose and the blaster when not in use.

This package of c02 blaster does not require electricity but uses three AAA batteries. These batteries are used for the light on top to work. The operation of the light however does not affect the operation of the c02 blaster or even its output. The light includes adjustable zoom that is used to focus and adjust angles.

How to set up a c02 blaster

Connect the hose to the c02 blaster and the other end of the hose, connect to the co2 tank.

The machine is environmental and user friendly. It does not linger like fog, does not leave a residue or weird smell or set off fire alarms. The co2 dissipates within seconds after being emitted from the c02 blaster so the cloud vanishes almost immediately the user stops spraying.

The c02 blaster shoots a 25-35 foot long stream. This package is useful for large productions, night clubs, bars, haunted houses etc.

The c02 blaster guarantees you of convenience as qualified technicians are availed for all your events as well as rentals.

CO2 cannons are offered in two types; the handheld CO2 canons and the stationary CO2 cannons. CryoFX®, the best dealer of CO2 cannons offers the CO2 cannons as explained below.

It is very necessary to have a siphon CO2 tank for the CO2 cannons to operate efficiently.

The mini hand held CO2 cannon gun is the second best to DJs best choice for a mini mobile handheld night club cannon. This mini CO2 cannon enhances productions leaving your audience impressed. These are the quickest CO2 cannons guns currently in the market

The high pressure, industrial grade, CO2 hose maybe equipped with a swivel fitting to prevent tangling or twisting of the hose. The CO2 Cryo hoses are strong enough to handle the high pressure and low temperature of the liquid Cryogenic CO2. The mini handheld CO2 cannon gun has three types of hoses. The 10 foot co2 hose is perfect when limited movement from the performance stage or dance floor is required. The 15 20 foot hoses are perfect where the operator need to move across the stage.

There are four types of the stationary CO2 cannons namely; the CO2 cannon mega LED CO2 Cryo jet, CO2 cannon-mini LED CO2 Cryo jet, CO2 cannon Mega CO2 Cryo jet and the CO2 cannon- mini CO2 Cryo jet.

Types of Co2 Cannon / Cryo Blasters

The CO2 cannon- mega LED CO2 Cryo jet is among the best performing special effects jets within the entertainment industry. It amplifies the special effects for performers and DJs. It projects plumes of CO2 smoke to reach distances above 30 feet. It is best suited for large indoor areas as well as outdoors. Several CO2 Cannon- Mega LED CO2 cryo cannon jets can be connected to achieve an elegant display while combining a variety of colors to create the ideal vibrancy for your setting. This will lead to energized performances with colorful theatrics to create a wow factor leading to an enthusiastic audience.

The operators of stationary CO2 cannons are advised to attach a CO2 siphon before the CO2 cannon- Mega LED CO2 cryo jet is started.

The CO2 cannons include a manual and instructions to allow safe use. These cannons are characterized by;

  • Large area coverage
  • DMX programming capabilities
  • Various LEDs
  • Easy set up
  • Warranty by the manufacturer

Stationary Co2 Cannons - Types and Models

The stationary CO2 cannon can project plumes of smoke both horizontally and vertically from different angles.

The CO2 cannon-mini LED CO2 cryo jet provides a theatrical ambiance that engages partygoers as well as the club patrons to enjoy an unparalleled atmosphere. This will create a competitive edge for your business.

CryoFX® offers widely spread services across all the states of the USA. CryoFX® offers both sale and rental programs. The rental program takes a minimum of a week before your event. CryoFX® takes responsibility of return shipping and packaging of the rented CO2 cannons.

The CO2 cannons offered by CryoFX® are;

  • The CO2 cannon basic CO2 Jet DMX.

This is the industry’s standard among mounted CO2 jets. It is simply designed and esy to use for both DMX and standard power on/ off capabilities.

It used for events, private parties, fundraisers etc.

  • The CO2 Cannon plus CO2 Jet

This is the improved model of the CO2 Cannon basic CO2 jet. It includes a LCD panel which enables easy DMX addressing and powercon power connections.


All you have to do is order the co2 cannons online and then wait for delivery, unless your in the following cities, you can pickup your cryo cannon;

  • San Diego (California)
  • Las Vegas (Nevada)
  • Phoenix (Arizona) and
  • Los Angeles (California)

CryoFX® guarantees convenience as well as qualified technicians who are availed for all your events, whether you have purchased or rented the equipment. Despite the high tech performance of the CO2 cannons as well as the perfect customer service, the equipment are sold and rented at a very pocket friendly price.

CryoFX® is the best choice for those who want to maximize their benefit while at the same time minimizing their cost.

In conclusion, you have the opportunity to light up your events with the C02 blaster for a memorable CO2 special effect experience. Your events will never be the same again.