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What is a C02 Gun? CryoFX® Explains The Types Styles of Cryo Guns

Not sure which style of C02 Gun to choose, here's the difference: Handheld C02 Gun vs Stage Mounted Cryo Gun.

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CryoFX C02 Guns have appeared in numerous productions, events, and nightclubs. Whether you need one or more, picking the right C02 Blaster for your event is key.

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What is a C02 Gun and How it Differs from a Stage Mounted Cryo Gun or Cryo Jet

CryoFX offers handheld C02 Guns that are widely accepted and most preferred by different entertainment performers as well as event promoters.

The C02 Gun is also known as C02 cannon or C02 Cryo gun. These guns are differentiated by their size and style, offering the users a variety to choose from.

The C02 Gun group is made up of Cryo bazookas, Cryo cannons and Cryo backpacks. They transform performances into full blown productions.

The following are the C02 Guns explained in details.

The CryoFX Gold C02 special

This C02 Gun is the most demanded C02 cannon gun in the industry. It is mostly demanded for top DJs, movies appearances, music videos, live touring performances and special effects. It is a worldwide symbolic icon.

It comes with hose fittings. All you are required to do is to connect to a C02 tank. The whole package includes; the handheld Cryo gun attached with a 10 inch nozzle and attached quick disconnect fitting, high pressure C02 hose by CryoFX with attached quick disconnect fitting, brass fitting to connect the hose to the C02 cylinder, a manual, safety guidelines and frequently asked questions and a limited lifetime warranty against mechanical and operational defects.

This C02 Gun is the first addition to any DJ system or any mobile production. It allows for complete maneuverability and flexibility. Weighing 1.2 kg, this Cryo gun can be used almost anywhere due to its light weight and its ability to work without electricity.

Measuring 50.8 cm by 22.86 cm, this C02 Gun is small in size therefore it can be carried easily. It is capable of spraying C02 clouds twenty five to 35 feet and above. The user gets to make his gun unique by choosing the custom nozzle colors, custom hose lengths, custom nozzle length and nozzle width that are made available by CryoFX.

The handheld C02 cannon

This happens to be the most used C02 cannon or C02 handheld blaster in the industry. It is preassembled at the time of sale. It comes with hose fittings and can be used within a short time. All you need to do to start using the C02 Gun is to connect it to a C02 tank.

The handheld C02 cannon is best for any DJ system, mobile production, wedding or stage performance. It is lightweight and easy to carry.

This C02 cannon is very effective and will be the centerpiece for any event by creating a lasting impression and making you noticeable when using it. Measuring 50.8 cm by 22.86 cm, this handheld C02 cannon is sold at around $198 depending on specifics. The hose length is customizable according to your preference.

The Cryo gun white

According to the users of the Cryo gun white, the C02 Gun is termed as a fantastic addition to the DJ system and is considered a product for success in the entertainment industry. The CryoFX team is great to work with, having a quick turnaround time for any occurring issues. This C02 Gun has proven to significantly boost the volume of customers to events.

Add a new element and huge surprise to your shows by using this C02 Gun, incorporating easy connections as well as the high-pressure C02 hose, a step-by-step pictorial user manual and you will be able to use the gun for as long as you have C02.

The Cryo Bazooka

The CryoFX’s Cryo Bazooka one of the largest of its kind available in the market. It is one of the most powerful due in part by requiring power to project the C02 clouds. Its chrome polished metal casing and very large size is attractive to many.

It comes with a handheld Cryo bazooka with attached quick fitting, CryoFX signature brand of high pressure C02 hose with attached quick disconnect fitting, a brass fitting to connect hose to C02 tank, manual, safety guidelines and frequently asked questions and a limited lifetime warranty against mechanical and operational defects.

The CryoFX Cryo bazooka is one of CryoFX biggest handheld units. It is the perfect addition to any performance or large stage production for masses. It adds a new surprise and element to whichever show it is used in. It shoots in any direction as desired by the user when the user activates the red trigger button on the handle. It has the capacity to C02 clouds about 20 to 30 feet or more. The hose length is customizable. Should you need to have your hose length customized, contact CryoFX via mail on [email protected] or call +1-855-527-9639. It measure 40 inches by 10 inches and is sold for few hundred dollars.

The handheld C02 Cryo gun

The handheld CryoFX C02 Gun is the most sought after special effects C02 Gun in the entire industry. It allows you to create your own special effects. It comes preassembled, with hose and fittings ready to be in used after connection to a C02 tank. Costing around $528, this C02 Gun comes with limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

The Cryo cannon

This C02 Gun is perfect for events, festivals and DJs. Its large size and light weight allows for bolder impression. It has two handles for extra stability and a durable metal casing. This Cryo cannon is sold for a few hundred dollars, depending on specifics. The hose and the Cryo cannon have quick disconnect fittings already installed to enable the user to easily disconnect the hose from the C02 cannon when not in use.

No electricity is required. You just have to simply connect the hose. You simply have to connect the hose to the C02 cannon and the other end of the hose to your C02 tank. It is used in stage productions, events, live performances, concerts, bars, haunted houses, special events etc.

The C02 dissipates within seconds after coming out of the cannon and o the cloud vanishes seconds after the user stops spraying.

Check https://www.cryofx.com/ for more information and orders. The C02 Guns will entertain and cool your event party crowd. You are guaranteed of excellent performance and value for your money.




The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) in various industrial and commercial applications has been on the rise for several years now. One of the most popular applications of CO2 is the CO2 gun, which is widely used in the entertainment industry, particularly in concerts, shows, and sports events. CO2 guns are an innovative way to create visually appealing special effects that enhance the overall experience of the audience.


A CO2 gun is essentially a handheld device that propels a stream of compressed carbon dioxide. The gun is designed to quickly and easily release a large amount of CO2 in a short amount of time, creating a dramatic effect. The CO2 gun typically operates using a CO2 tank, which provides the necessary pressure to expel the gas.


CO2 guns are used in a variety of entertainment events, including concerts, sporting events, and nightclubs. They are often used to create smoke effects or to simulate fireworks. They are also used to create an impressive entrance for performers, with jets of CO2 shooting up around them as they take the stage.


One of the main benefits of using a CO2 gun is the safety factor. Unlike pyrotechnics or other special effects, CO2 guns do not produce flames or heat. This makes them much safer to use in close proximity to performers or audience members. CO2 guns also do not produce any harmful chemicals or pollutants, making them a safer alternative to other types of special effects.


Another advantage of using CO2 guns is their ease of use. They are simple to operate and require very little training or technical knowledge. This makes them an ideal option for smaller productions or events where there may not be a dedicated special effects team.


CO2 guns are also highly customizable, allowing for a wide range of effects to be created. The length and duration of the CO2 stream can be adjusted to create different visual effects. They can also be used in conjunction with other special effects, such as lighting or sound, to create a truly immersive experience.


However, it is important to note that CO2 guns should only be used by trained professionals. Improper use or handling of the CO2 tank can result in serious injury or even death. It is essential that anyone using a CO2 gun is fully trained in its operation and safety protocols.


In addition to entertainment applications, CO2 guns are also used in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. For example, they are used in the automotive industry for cleaning and degreasing parts. CO2 guns are also used in the food industry for chilling and freezing products. They are also used in the medical industry for cryotherapy treatments and surgical procedures.


Despite their many benefits, CO2 guns do have some drawbacks. One of the main concerns is the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. While CO2 is not as harmful as other greenhouse gases, it is still a contributor to climate change. As such, it is important to ensure that CO2 emissions are kept to a minimum and that proper disposal methods are used for any CO2 tanks or cartridges.


In conclusion, CO2 guns are a versatile and innovative tool that have many applications in the entertainment, industrial, and commercial industries. They offer a safe and customizable way to create visually appealing special effects that enhance the overall experience of the audience. However, it is important to ensure that CO2 guns are used responsibly and by trained professionals to minimize any potential safety risks. Additionally, steps should be taken to minimize the environmental impact of CO2 emissions. Overall, CO2 guns are a valuable tool that will continue to be used in a variety of industries for years to come.