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CO2 Cannon

There are two kinds of CO2 cannon products within the market ranging from handheld CO2 Cannon guns to stationery CO2 Cannon.

CO2 cannon equipment can transform your event, cool down the revelers within minutes, and instantly entertain a crowd with the beautiful stage visual formed by a cloud of smoke when it theatrically hits the stage lighting. Many video producers, producers, and stage production managers of re-known events and significant festivals prefer CO2 cannons to add an elegant touch to their events. These known professional event organizers and planners know what it entails and needs to keep a crowd entertained and keep stunning plumes of smoke going throughout. For the CO2 cannon to perform best, it will be wise if the right size of the Siphon CO2 tank is included for the maximum operation. CO2 Cannon are easy to install and operate and are fitted with a silencer that helps to minimize sound output. It is installed with atmospheric CO2 cryogenic jet smoke that won’t trigger any smoke alarms when used indoors.

When purchasing any CO2 cannon equipment, it's best to know that the equipment you choose will withstand the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements. CryoFX has put in a lot of effort to remain on top of its peers in fog technology; hence it is one of the leading dealers and suppliers of CO2 Cannons, CO2 jets, CO2 Guns, and CO2 special effects accessories and equipment in the market. This equipment’s from CryoFX Company is made from almost indestructible, high-quality components that will guarantee to satisfy your needs. CryoFx can custom design and develop a unique special effect jet component that fits your particular event and stage size or where you prefer your cannon to be set.

The Stationary CO2 Cannon

CO2 Cannon® offers four kinds of stationary CO2 cannons i.e.

  • The CO2 cannon mega LED CO2 Cryo jet,
  • CO2 cannon-mini LED CO2 Cryo jet,
  • CO2 cannon Mega CO2 Cryo jet and
  • The CO2 cannon- mini CO2 Cryo jet.
  • CO2 cannon Plus Jet
  • CO2 cannon Basic Jet

You can find more than one type of CO2 cannon jet by following CryoFX at www. CryoFX.com. The CryoFX CO2 LED is ideal Cannon making for a genuinely impactful CO2 stage effect. The CO2 jet is easy to use and easy to install. It can easily be linked to the truss or mounted through its thread on a stand or on an adaptor directly on the floor. It is fitted with a sturdy rubber on its base to minimize movement during operation. CryoFX CO2 Cannon-LED CO2 Cryo jet guarantees to brighten up any event with CO2 clouds almost of any color, including green, red, blue, and others, or you can simply match the color of your event or venue while maintaining low noise output. The CO2 Cannon Mega LED CO2 Cryo jet can empower entertainers, DJs, and clubs to electrify revelers worldwide. It offers the position of different cannon D.M.X. via individual D.M.X. channels. It’s ideal for an indoor event but can also be held outdoors. It can be controlled via D.M.X., switch pack, or manual trigger. When you press the power button, it shoots out plumes of smoke, and when power is cut, it stops. You can easily link several devices by connecting them to the same powercon modules and outlet.

The CryoFX CO2 cannon- LED CO2 Cryo jet is one of the most preferred special effects in the whole entertainment industry due to its high-performance capabilities. It can amplify the effects on performers, revelers, and DJs. It can shoot plumes of smoke reaching a distance of more than 30 feet. It can be employed in large indoor areas but also do best outdoors. Connect more than one CryoFX CO2 Cannon- DMX 512 CO2 Cryo cannon jets to experience a colorful display of different colors, achieving the preferred setting you had hoped for. The Cannon CO2 Jet can be triggered with any standard D.M.X. controller. This leads to stunning performances with colorful theatrics.

The stationary CO2 cannons should be attached to the CO2 Siphon before starting the CO2 Cryo jet. CO2 cannons can be angled 90 degrees to best suit different applications. You can do this by loosening the knob on each side of the jet, then adjusting to the desired angle, then tightening the knobs, and it’s done.

A CO2 cannon comes with a user manual and instructions for safer use. These particular cannons have specific characteristics ranging from:

  • Extensive surface coverage
  • Linkable to other units through D.M.X.
  • Easy to incorporate with different kinds of LED lights.
  • Easy to move
  • Manufacturer warranty.

The CO2 jets can shoot to about 25-35 feet high stream of smoke that is about 4-6 inches wide both in several angles, most precisely relying on the set angle in which it is placed. The CryoFX CO2 cannon- LED CO2 Cryo jet guarantees to brighten up an event whenever it’s incorporated in an event, giving you beautiful effects throughout the party.

The Handheld CO2 Cannon

The CryoFX handheld CO2 cannon is a unique handheld CO2 gun that is guaranteed to take your events and CO2 Special effects to another level and have some of the best characteristics that make it one of the best and preferred CO2 Cannon on the market, as evident in http://cryofx.com. You are guaranteed to brighten up an event. It can be used in nightclubs, grand wedding entrances, football field entrances, live performances, and DJ booths.

Handheld CO2 cannon is an essential instrument in music videos, movies, parties, live performances, and the whole entertainment industry due to its remarkable effects it brings to large concert stages or parties as it is easy to move around with it whether on stage or at any event where it is used as supposed as to having plumes of smoke shoot from one particular point of the stage. Why not have it with you anywhere you move to, be it on the dance floor or stage, provided you tag along with the CO2 backpack and CO2 tank package? Have the best handheld CO2 cannon with the best flexibility and ease to maneuver by purchasing them at a trusted and the most sought company specializing in handheld CO2 cannon products known as CryoFx by searching at https://cryofx.com/. The party revelers won’t be disappointed.

The Features of the CO2 Handheld Canon

CO2 handheld canon has some of the best features that make it the most used and preferred CO2 cannon on the market. The CO2 handheld cannon is DJs number one choice due to its flexibility and ease of maneuvering, and it can be used efficiently when added to mobile production. CO2 Cannon comes with a how-to-use manual, safety instructions, and step-by-step instructions on how to use it; hence easy to use it.

Every CO2 gun is made from high-quality and durable materials and inspected. Several precautions are checked to ensure it has met the highest quality standard before it is supplied or shipped to customers. It’s developed to be used indoors or outdoors since its compounds are environmentally friendly. It’s built with a silencer that minimizes noise output. The handheld CO2 gun weighs roughly 1.2 kg; hence easy to be carried around and use anywhere. The CO2 gun is very to use and easy to install. The CO2 gun is connected.

This handheld CO2 Canon is readily available to be purchased or rented, and you can use it to do your own thing as you keep contemplating whether to buy it or not.is available for purchase. Contact the best supplier of handheld CO2 Cannon to buy or rent by dialing 1-855-527-9639. The handheld CO2 gun can allow the user to use it while moving around with it in an event or on stage while shooting smoke around the dance floor and the stage. The D.J.s widely use it in special events and live performances that guarantee the person using it to freely move anywhere in the crowd with it as long as he is accompanied by its CO2 bag and a CO2 tank.

CO2 Cannon equipment is designed to work flawlessly for a more extended period. The company, i.e., CryoFX, stands behind its equipment by offering a warranty against manufacturer defects and free shipping cost (www.CO2Cannon.com) on purchasing orders over $ 100. There are two quickest CO2 Cannons in the market, i.e., the handheld CO2 cannon gun and the mini handheld CO2 cannon gun. The mini handheld CO2 Cannon can be used by the DJs in their events, leaving the revelers amazed.

The swivel is fitted onto the hose to help prevent the hose from either twisting or tangling. Mini handheld CO2 cannons have three different types of hoses. These hoses are built to withstand high levels of pressure and low levels of temperature of Cryogenic CO2. Put to use more than a 6-foot hose in a place with limited locomotion, and the 15 to 20-foot-long hoses are best suited to be used where there is enough space to operate.

Why Prefer CO2 Cannons by CryoFX?

CryoFX gives out both rental or sale CO2 Cannon products and services throughout the USA. Rental Cannons usually take about less than a week before the event. All you need to do is to place an order, and CryoFX will handle the transportation of the rented Cannons. CryoFX is the most trusted professional CO2 Cannon manufacturing company in the world. It provides its customers with the best and most reliable CO2 Cannons equipment for stage and events and the whole entertainment industry.

CryoFX has a team of qualified personnel who are usually sent to all customers' events regardless of whether the CO2 Cannon equipment was bought or hired. The CO2 cannon equipment is usually rented and sold at a manageable price without considering the high technology and qualified personnel involved. This team of experts from CryoFX company can advise a client on any stage or event size on which or may require a specific CO2 cannon system that will give out the right amount of smoke and special effects to spice up your event. 

If you need to maximize your benefits and minimize costs, we recommend trying CryoFX. Including CO2 Cannon in your event will give you great chances of brightening up an event and leaving your audience amazed and entertained. Buy or hire any of the two CO2 cannons, i.e., handheld or stationary CO2 cannons, and your events are guaranteed to be at another level.




A CO2 cannon is a special effects device that uses compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce various visual and auditory effects, making it a popular addition to nightclubs, concerts, special events, and other performances. The CO2 cannon is versatile and can be used to produce a variety of effects, from creating confetti and smoke to producing plumes of fog.


CO2 cannons are available in different forms, including handheld, portable, and large-scale models, each designed to meet specific needs. For instance, handheld CO2 cannons are small and lightweight, and they are ideal for small events, while portable CO2 cannons are slightly larger and can be easily transported to different locations, making them popular for outdoor events.


The CO2 cryo cannon, also known as a cryo jet or CO2 jet cannon, is one of the most popular types of CO2 cannons, especially in the nightclub industry. It is designed to create an intense blast of cold air or fog that rapidly cools the surrounding air, creating an effect that is both visually and physically impressive. Cryo cannons are often used in conjunction with lighting effects and music to create a spectacular performance that engages the audience.


Another popular type of CO2 cannon is the confetti cannon, which is used to shower the audience with confetti or streamers. The confetti cannon uses compressed air or CO2 to launch confetti or streamers into the air, creating a shower of colorful and festive decorations. The confetti cannon is a staple in many events, from weddings and birthday parties to large-scale concerts and festivals.


The CO2 smoke cannon is another popular type of CO2 cannon that is designed to create a thick cloud of smoke that can obscure performers or create a sense of mystery or suspense. Smoke cannons can also be used to create a spooky atmosphere during Halloween events or to add an element of drama to a theatrical performance.


The DMX controlled CO2 cannon is a recent addition to the CO2 cannon family, and it is becoming increasingly popular due to its flexibility and ease of use. The DMX controller allows the user to adjust the output of the CO2 cannon, making it possible to create a wide range of effects. With a DMX controlled CO2 cannon, it is possible to synchronize the cannon with lighting and music, creating a visually stunning performance that engages the audience.


CO2 cannons are generally safe to use, provided that proper precautions are taken. It is important to ensure that the CO2 tank is securely fastened and that the device is used in a well-ventilated area to prevent the buildup of CO2 gas. The operator should also be trained on how to safely use the device and should always wear protective gear, such as gloves and eye goggles.


In conclusion, CO2 cannons are a popular addition to many types of events, from nightclubs and concerts to weddings and festivals. With a wide range of models available, there is a CO2 cannon that is suited to almost any occasion, whether it is a small intimate event or a large-scale performance. From creating plumes of fog and showers of confetti to producing intense blasts of cold air and thick clouds of smoke, the CO2 cannon is a versatile and impressive special effects device that can add excitement and drama to any event.