CO2 Cryogenic Cold Fog Special Effects Jet Systems

Our CO2 Theatrical Special Cryogenic Smoke Jet and Stage Equipment is made and assembled in the USA - CryoFX® original CO2 Cryo Fog Machines, Smoke Cryogenic theatrical Jets and Haze Machines, Handheld CO2 Cryo Night Co2 Cannon DJ Guns, Cryo Cannons Confetti Machines and all related special stage production supplies and visual effects equipment. CryoFX® team of Party Special Effects and Stage Production cryogenic experts can advise you on any Stage or Nightclub Size project that you may need a custom co2 jet system to deliver the right amount of special effects.  Cool down your venue or nightclub and instantly entertain your crowd with the stunning stage visual effects created when the theatrical smoke hits your party or stag lighting.


Many Visual Effects Movie Producers, Video Producers, Stage 
Production Managers for the biggest music festivals in the world depend on CryoFX® CO2 Cryo Stage Jets to deliver stunning plumes of theatrical smoke consistently.  These professional entertainers and Party Planners know what it takes to entertain a crowd and keep the music and special effects going. 


CryoFX® manufactures easy to install and operate special atmospheric co2 cryogenic jet smoke machines that won't trigger any smoke alarms when used indoors.  Theatrical Cryogenic Smoke requires that a special industrial liquid co2 is used together with the right size co2 cryo gas cylinder also known as a CO2 siphoned Tank.


CryoFX® can custom design and build a special smoke effect jet system that will fit your particular size stage or venue where you require special effects.  


If you require three hours of smoke special effects or twenty minutes, we will design and supply you the right co2 cryo jets and the right amount of co2 tanks that will be capable of delivering the amount of theatrical cryogenic smoke effects your Nightclub or Event Venue require.  We are the professional theatrical atmospheric cryo special effects manufacturers in the world and only provide our special effects customers with the most reliable stage and party smoke special effects stage equipment available in the entertainment and party industries.


Does your nightclub get hot when you have hundreds of customers on the dance floor? Do you need to make a grand entrance for an entertainer or professional NFL Football Team?  CO2 theatrical Cryo jets are the answer.  These Cryogenic CO2 Jets allow you to blast super cold CO2 theatrical Smoke or Fog that provides a stunning visual effect and is capable of dropping the temperature on your dance floor approximately 15-20 degrees in seconds.  Your crowd will instantly cool off and roar in excitement.


CryoFX® manufactures one of the world’s most trusted CO2 cryo jets in the entertainment industry. Constructed with the finest, most dependable American components available and protected by a sleek powder coated steel casing these Co2 Cryo Jets will never break down when you demand and your show depends only on the best performance.  CryoFX® CO2 Stage Special Effects Equipment is designed to perform flawlessly for years to come. We stand behind our CO2 Smoke blasters with an outstanding 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects. Please take a quick moment and review some tips for safe operation of CO2 effects products.