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CO2 cylinder

A CO2 cylinder is used to store carbon dioxide in either gaseous or liquid form. These cylinders are regulated and contain a high pressure gauge that is used to measure the amount of CO2 that is left in the CO2 cylinder.

The most recommended and highly rated supplier of CO2 cylinders is known as CryoFX. While prices vary by location as well as other factors, CryoFX assures its clients of the best market prices. This is because CryoFX books nationally and handles so many accounts.

A CryoFX CO2 cylinder has massive output and highly rated performance. It is easy to order from CryoFX either through an online order form, by purchasing a co2 cylinder online, or by calling on (619) 855- 2796.

A CO2 cylinder varies by; size, weight, purpose and output limit time.

CryoFX offers the best style of a CO2 cylinder, whether aluminum or steel, in terms of variety as well as pricing compared to its competitors. It refills all types and sizes of the CO2 cylinder offering delivery and pick up as after sales services.

The 20lb Aluminum CO2 cylinder fitted with a siphon tube (dip tube or eductor tube) is a necessity for all CO2 jets. You will not have to turn this cylinder upside down for liquid use, such as with the CryoFX CO2 jets. This co2 cylinder, being on of the smallest offered by CryoFX, has a limit supply time of about 40 seconds of liquid CO2 supply. This cylinder can be used for any application that requires CO2 which used CGA320 style CO2 valve. The presence of the siphon tube dictates that when the cylinder is used in its upright position, it will disperse CO2 in its liquid form. The 20lb CO2 cylinder is made up of aluminum, or steel, and is within current hydro test before being sold. It can be filled by any CO2 gas facility that fills CO2 cylinders. When used in conjunction with CryoFX CO2 cannon or LED CO2 jet, it disperses liquid as needed for the CO2 jets to work. This CO2 cylinder retails between $90-179 depending on new or used, and other factors.

The 35lb siphon tube CO2 cylinder is made of Aluminum, or steel as well. It is best suited for small productions. It is easy to transport due to its light weight nature. It is perfect for all mobile CO2 special smoke effects. It has an output limit time of about one minute of liquid CO2 supply hence offering about 25 bursts of 4 to 5 seconds each. It is sold around $250-280 new while the 35lb CO2 tank with a siphon tube is priced around $270-300 depending on specifics.

The 50lb siphon tube Aluminum CO2 cylinder is best for use with CO2 cannons and handheld Cryo guns. This cylinder has a limit of about 1 minute and 25 seconds of liquid CO2 supply. The 50lb CO2 cylinder can be used for any application that requires CO2 in any region that uses CGA320 style CO2 valve. This is the standard CO2 cylinder for venues, productions and many more events. This is the most common cylinder chosen before moving to oversized options. When used together with CryoFX CO2 swing jet or Cryo gun, it disperses liquid CO2 as required for the CO2 jets to work. It is within hydro testing when sold.

The 75lb CO2 tank made of steel is best used with stage CO2 cannons and nightclub CO2 systems. It is best suited for situations where constant movement is not required. This co2 cylinder has a limit of about 2 minutes and 15 seconds of liquid CO2 supply. It can be used for any application that requires CO2 within area that use CGA320 style C02 valve. This co2 cylinder is long lasting. It is required to get filled by any CO2 gas facility that fills CO2 cylinders and is sold reconditioned or new. Generally this size of co2 cylinder is not available in Aluminum, although they are out there, they are very hard to locate, and therefore they are not offered for sale as Aluminum.

The 100lb CO2 cylinder made of steel is perfect for use with stage CO2 cannons, Co2 cannon products, and CO2 systems. It is best in use with minimal movements with a limit of 2 minutes and forty five seconds of liquid CO2 supply. The larger co2 cylinders such as this are harder to move around, so using these with systems that do not require exchange is best. Some of these systems are supercritical co2 extraction where they will use a 100lb co2 cylinder for cannabis extraction. Many other types of marijuana extraction methods and systems are available but we’ve seen these 100lb Co2 Cylinders for Marijuana extraction used as storage tanks, therefore they are not moved and are affixed to the system.

The 135lb CO2 cylinder is the largest offered by CryoFX. It has enough capacity to last you through the whole of your event. It is perfect for cooling the dance floor at high energy night clubs. This large CO2 cylinder provides massive output, delivering more plumes of CO2 smoke than the smaller sized ones.

CryoFX offers long lasting, reliable and efficient CO2 cylinders for any use, including special effects, general use, cannabis cultivation, and live performances or events that use co2 special effects to change the overall mood of a crowded event. The CO2 equipment by CryoFX operates at very high standards and increases the energy at events.

CryoFX has proven to be the most preferred CO2 supplier. CO2 equipment and CO2 supplies are easy to order from CryoFX. All the local purchases in the USA can be completed at San Diego. All inquiries about orders may be made via CryoFX’s online order form or by phone. Call any of their representatives on (619) 855- 2796 or visit www.cryofx.com for more information.

You can make CO2 cylinder orders either online or by phone. Contact CryoFX on (619) 855-2796. Also, you can contact [email protected] or dial (+855-527-9639) for your orders and inquiries.