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Co2 T-shirt cannons are the Standard for Modern Events

T-shirt giveaways are a great way of promoting your business. The idea of a t-shirt cannon arose from the need to propel campaign t-shirts over long distances. The best part about t-shirt cannons is the minimal effort required to kick-start your shirt campaign.

Whatever it is that could spice up an event, the Co2 T-shirt cannon brings it closer home. The cannons are stuffed with low pressure and used to launch T-shirts, foam stress balls, soft stuffed toys, and dolls. Having originated from football and marathon parades, the Co2 T-shirt cannons have found a way into concerts and film festivals.

Features of T-shirt Cannon

There is a wide variety of t-shirt cannons to choose from. The best selection depends on your needs. The different shapes are a result of varying custom designs and assembly. The cost of constructions also determines the end result of assembling a tshirt cannon. The average launch height of t-shirts cannons already in the market is 100-150 feet. Manufacturers claim that the type of both the metal and the tank hugely influences the range. The best tshirt cannons on the market shoot up to a range of 150 feet. The range only applies to t-shirts since it extends to 300 feet for balls. The 150 feet range is not the underlying determinant of a cool t-shirt launcher. It should blend with the number of shirts launched per shoot too.

Before buying the sporty marvel that is a cannon. First, consider where you will be refilling the CO2 tanks. There may not be facilities nearby and you might also want to know if the existing ones will blend with the machine.CO2 tanks are made to be refillable and the main filler points would comprise of sports stores, wielding companies, beverages and cold drinks companies and gas filler joints. Do not be surprised by soft drink companies, remember CO2 produce the bubbles on drinks. A full CO2 tank, depending on size, will sustain 20-100 shots on average.

Cannon designers often work out the amount of pressure and volume that would be enough to propel a given mass of shirts or balls. Potential buyers should also consider the volume of the tank and pressure. Majority of cannons that are made from high-pressure tanks and parts are termed as the best quality and most expensive. The performance of such tshirt cannons is often preferred than those that can sustain a meager pressure.

You will also find out that majority of cannons have a tank compartment (onboard tank) while others are hooked up to an external CO2 tank. Although there is no big difference between both when it comes to performance, an onboard compartment is more recommendable.

The basic colors of most Co2 t-shirt cannons are blue, green, purple, white and black. The colors may, however, be tailored to suit your tastes, regardless if it is red or a magenta cannon. The manufacturer will always be willing to customize it for you.

You are also guaranteed access to spare parts and maintenance should the t-shirt launcher break. Repair parts are available for purchase. It is unlikely that you will need any repair and maintenance services; given that the cannons are designed to last long.

As noted earlier, t-shirt cannons can also be used to launch other objects. Despite the naming. A Co2 t-shirt launcher is designed to launch toys, whistling foam rockets, color run, tennis balls, pet balls, confetti, fishing baits and soft candy. The objects can be launched interchangeably. The barrels are however different and can only be used one at a time. Great Caution should be taken while interchanging the barrels for each shoot object. Most of the barrels will not compliment the object and you may end up damaging or hurting your fans.


The valves are diaphragms designed for faster performance with a high number of openings. The openings sustain the speed of operation. The maximum working pressure for the valves goes up to 150 Psi. A reinforcing fiber increases the burst rating to 1000 Psi.

Safety Precautions

The frequently asked question about t-shirt cannons is whether they are safe for indoor activity. All launchers are modeled for range adjustment. The adjustment may also not work for some cases and you should test out the cannon before going indoors. Some tshirt cannons are more suited to indoor launching than others.

While law enforcement officers will always advise treating the gun as if it is loaded. To avoid injury, ensure there is no face in front of the barrel before shooting. The cannon should also not be directed towards people, windows, buildings, motorists, and glasses. Also, read the manual to understand how to adjust the higher muzzle velocities.

Bottom Line

You can purchase a t-shirt cannon from any part of the world however the T Shirt cannons from CryoFX are backed by a guarantee of workmanship, some of the farthest distance, and warranty. Budgeting for a small amount of shipping costs will not break the bank. The need for T-shirt launchers in events has never been this high and you do not want to be left out in the spree.




Co2 T-Shirt Cannon: The Ultimate Tool for Event Marketing


In the world of event marketing, crowd engagement is everything. Whether it's a sports event, a concert, or a trade show, businesses and organizations are always looking for ways to make their presence known and engage with their audience. One of the most effective tools for accomplishing this is the Co2 T-Shirt Cannon, also known as a CO2-powered launcher, T-Shirt gun, or T-Shirt launcher.


A Co2-powered cannon is a device that uses compressed carbon dioxide gas to shoot t-shirts, promotional giveaways, and other branded merchandise into the crowd. These cannons have become a staple in the entertainment industry and are now used by many sports teams, concert promoters, and marketing agencies to promote their brand and engage with their audience.


One of the main benefits of using a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon is the level of crowd engagement it creates. By launching t-shirts and other merchandise into the crowd, you are not only promoting your brand but also creating a memorable experience for your audience. People love getting free stuff, and the excitement of catching a t-shirt flying through the air is hard to beat.


Co2 T-Shirt Cannons are also a great way to increase brand recognition. By customizing your t-shirts and other merchandise with your logo and branding, you are creating a walking billboard for your brand. When people wear your t-shirt or use your branded merchandise, they are essentially advertising your brand for you. This is an excellent way to increase brand recognition and create a lasting impression with your audience.


In addition to being a powerful marketing tool, Co2 T-Shirt Cannons are also incredibly versatile. They can be used at a wide variety of events, from sports events to trade shows to music festivals. Anywhere you have a large crowd of people, a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon can be used to engage with your audience and promote your brand.


Another benefit of using a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon is the cost-effectiveness of promotional giveaways. While other forms of advertising can be expensive and may not always produce the desired results, a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon is a relatively low-cost way to create a memorable experience for your audience and promote your brand. By using promotional giveaways like t-shirts, hats, or other branded merchandise, you are essentially creating a walking advertisement for your brand that will continue to promote your business long after the event is over.


Co2 T-Shirt Cannons are also incredibly safe and easy to use. While they may look intimidating, they are actually very user-friendly and can be operated by anyone with minimal training. Most Co2-powered cannons have safety features built-in to prevent accidental firing, and they are designed to be lightweight and easy to handle.


In conclusion, a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon is a powerful tool for event marketing that can help you engage with your audience, promote your brand, and create a memorable experience for your customers. Whether you are a sports team looking to increase fan engagement or a marketing agency looking to create buzz for your client, a Co2 T-Shirt Cannon is a must-have tool for any event marketer. With their versatility, cost-effectiveness, and safety features, Co2 T-Shirt Cannons are an investment that will pay off in spades for any business looking to stand out in a crowded marketplace.