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The entertainment, fire department, food and beverage industries are among the high consumers of Co2, hence a constant need for their Co2 cylinder refill.

Before the Co2 tank refill procedure, all Co2 is drained from the tank until the Co2 Tank is completely empty.

The valve is then opened to let out any remaining Co2 that is in the cylinder. Co2 is very hazardous; therefore it should be handled with care. Co2 bottle refill should only be carried out by a licensed supplier or a trained operator.


According to market surveys CryoFX seem to be the most preferred supplier of Co2 tanks and Co2 special effect equipment.

CryoFX is a renowned global manufacturer and also a supplier of Co2 products includingthe Co2 tanks. It has a huge client base among them MTV, Smirnoff, Nissan, Red bull, DJ Mustard, Viacom etc.


CryoFX supplies a variety of tanks, rents Co2 tanks and refills all Co2 tanks sizes inall the states of America.


The tanks and their dimensions are as illustrated in the table below:

Co2 tank dimension (in inches)

Co2 tank size (in pounds)

Average time of the Co2 tanks

62 by 105


2.45 minutes

60 by 9.26


2.15 minutes

47 by 8


1.25 minutes

37.8 by 8


1 minute

27.6 by 8


0.40 seconds

27 by7


0.30 seconds

20.5 by 7


0.20 seconds

18.26 by 5.5


0.10 seconds

14 by 4.26


0.05 seconds


CryoFX have a number of tank delivery locations globally. These locations aid in distribution, rental and Co2 tank refill to ensure constant supply to their global market. For ease on the client, YOU, no need to source your local locations for Co2 as you can call one company number and the gas is setup for you.

CryoFX clients enjoy the following benefits:

  • 24 hours specialized support.
  • Exclusive pricing.
  • Periodic follow-ups.
  • Entertainment - Tour support for ordering, managing, delivery and pickups.
  • Customized videos, which are helpful in usage/nomenclature of the tanks.


CryoFX accepts application for special effects dealers/ distributors.

There are various filling stations managed by CryoFX. The Co2 tank refill generally takes 48 hours in most areas.

Another aspect of refilling that has been eliminated is scarcity. CryoFX is a large scale gas handler with respect to booking therefore you will always get the best deal for the best product you can find, local to you.


What if there is no co2 tank refill near me?

This is a frequently asked question among Co2 consumers. CryoFX is very flexible hence it allows its clients to drop off the tanks for pick up at agreed venues. Then, after the Co2 cylinder refill procedure, the tanks are returned, whether available for pickup or delivery.

Contact the CryoFX experts on 1-855-527-9639 for more information.

Co2 tank refill is a procedure that needs to be handled only by experts. Let CryoFX do it for you.