Co2 Tank Splitter (2-Way)

CryoFX Co2 Tank Splitter is a must have when running 2 Co2 Products off one tank. This Co2 Splitter, also known as a CGA-320 "T" can be used within the Co2 Special Effects industry or any other industry requiring the co2 output to be split. In other words, this Co2 Tank Splitter can be used with Liquid or Gas co2 output!

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Description / Co2 Tank Splitter (2-Way)

CryoFX Co2 Tank Splitter is used to connect two co2 hoses to one tank. Utilizing this splitter with CryoFX products, you can connect any two products (Co2 Cannons, Cryo Guns, or combination thereof) to one tank. This splitter screws onto your Co2 Tank and splits the single CGA-320 valve into two CGA-320 ports so two hoses can be screwed onto it. Also known as a CGA-320 "T" fitting. This Co2 Splitter is compatible with US Co2 Fittings only, also known as CGA320 Fittings.


CryoFX CO2 Tank Splitter

Are you in the business of creating special effects or need CO2 output for any other industry? CryoFX presents the innovative and functional CO2 tank splitter, a seemingly simple component that offers a lot of functionality and versatility. Our multipurpose CO2 splitter is designed to accommodate the demands of the CO2 special effects industry and beyond. Whether you are dealing with liquid or gas CO2 output, this innovative tool is your go-to solution to manage your CO2 resources in an efficient manner. 

Applications of the Versatile CO2 Tank Splitter

The CryoFX CO2 tank splitter is a vital tool when you need to run two CO2 products off a single tank. This splitter is designed to create exceptional performances, making it the preferred choice for professionals in special effects and various other industries. With the ability to split CO2 output, this splitter ensures that your equipment remains fully operational, delivering superior results consistently.

CO2 Tank Splitter Features

At CryoFX, we specialize in a wide range of CO2-based special effects products, including CO2 Cannons, Cryo guns, CO2 jets, and more. The CryoFX CO2 tank splitter integrates easily with the CO2 jets, allowing you to connect any two of them to a single CO2 tank. This enables cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience, enabling you to create stunning effects without the hassle of managing multiple tanks or setups.


Easy Installation

The CO2 splitter is easy to install. This splitter screws directly onto your CO2 tank and splits the single CGA-320 valve into two CGA-320 ports. Once in place, you can easily attach two CO2 hoses, readying your setup for optimal performance. 

CGA-320 "T" Fitting

The CryoFX CO2 tank splitter is also referred to as CGA-320 "T." This implies its compatibility with CGA320 fittings, which are commonly used in the United States. This means that you do not have to worry about sourcing specialized fittings, as the CryoFX CO2 tank splitter readily works with the standard fittings used in the industry.

CO2 Splitter benefits

This CO2 splitter facilitates the operation of two CryoFX CO2 products using just one CO2 tank. Utilizing this tank splitter translates into cost savings. Rather than getting two separate tanks, you can employ this splitter to supply multiple products with CO2 from a single tank. All you need to do is connect the splitter to your CO2 tank, attach the two hoses leading to your products, and you are good to go. 


Offers vast creative possibilities

When it comes to special effects, the CO2 tank splitter is not just a practical tool; it serves as a tool for creativity. With the ability to connect two CO2 products to a single tank, you gain more flexibility in your special effects. Imagine the endless possibilities; you can synchronize CO2 cannons for a truly spectacular display or combine various special effects for an unforgettable performance. The CryoFX CO2 tank splitter allows you to bring your creative vision to life.


Allows for greater efficiency

Efficiency is an important success determinant for any industry, and the special effects business is no exception. The CryoFX CO2 tank splitter improves efficiency by simplifying your setup. When you centralize your CO2 source, you reduce the need for multiple tanks, saving both time and resources. This means fewer logistics to manage and fewer headaches to deal with.



Provides a cost-effective solution

In addition to making your operations more efficient, our CO2 tank splitter is also a cost-effective solution. Instead of investing in multiple CO2 tanks, regulators, and fittings, you can achieve the same results with a single tank and the CO2 tank splitter. This not only reduces your initial investment but also lowers ongoing maintenance costs over time.


Has various industry applications

The applications of the CryoFX CO2 Tank Splitter extend beyond the special effects industry. Any industry that requires the splitting of CO2 output can benefit from this innovative tool. Our CO2 Tank Splitter ensures that you can proficiently manage your CO2 resources, regardless of the kind of application it is used for. 


Buy the CO2 Splitter from CryoFX today

Our CO2 tank splitter can be a great addition to your special effects toolkit, offering greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Do not miss out on this opportunity to simplify your CO2 setup and add life to your creative vision. Priced at an incredibly affordable of just $39.99, it surely offers a great value for money. 

Order the CO2 tank splitter today and optimize your CO2 usage and special effects by adding it to your collection. You can also purchase it in four easy installments via PayPal. Make the smart choice and leverage the benefits of this innovative solution for your CO2 splitting needs. Contact us for inquiries. 


1. How does the CO2 Tank Splitter work?

The CO2 Tank Splitter attaches directly to a CO2 tank, converting a single CGA-320 valve into two CGA-320 ports. This enables the user to connect two CO2 hoses to a single tank, efficiently managing CO2 resources for special effects or other needs.

2. Is the CO2 Tank Splitter easy to install?

Yes, the CO2 Tank Splitter is designed for easy installation. It screws directly onto the CO2 tank, allowing for quick setup with two CO2 hoses without needing specialized fittings.


3.Can the CO2 Tank Splitter be used for industries other than special effects?

Absolutely. The CO2 Tank Splitter has applications across various industries that require splitting of CO2 output, making it a versatile tool for efficient CO2 management beyond just special effects.

4. How much does the CO2 Tank Splitter cost, and where can I purchase it?

Priced at an affordable $39.99, the CO2 Tank Splitter offers great value for money. It can be purchased directly from CryoFX, with the option for payment in four easy installments via PayPal.

5. What does the compatibility with CGA-320 fittings mean for users?

CGA-320 fittings are standard in the United States for CO2 tanks. This compatibility means users won't have to source specialized fittings, making the splitter convenient and ready to use with common CO2 tanks and setups.

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Weight (kgs) 0.45
Model CGA-320 "T", CGA320 "T"
Length 2.625 inches (6.67cm)
Height 2.625 inches (6.67cm)
Width 2.25 inches (5.72cm)
Size and Type No
Linkable No
Power No
Range of Motion No
Tank Height No
Tank Width No
Tank Weight No
Tank Material No
Tank Color No
Tank Style No
Tank Capacity No
Tank Valve Outlet Orientation No
Temperature Rating No
LED Count No
LED Color No
LED Wattage No
Reach No
Nozzle Material No
Pressure Rating No
Warranty 15 Day - Operational Defect
Warranty (Tank) No
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